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News Update March 11, 2104 | As anyone with a brain knows, any amount of radiation is too much and may cause changes to DNA. Yet, the official word from scientists tell us the extremely low levels predicted to his the US West Coast will not cause any human and environmental health effects. I'm wondering how they can make such statements when we've received reports of strange occurrences to fish and other living organisms over the past months.

No federal agency currently samples Pacific Coast seawater for radiation.
  • On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, triggering a tsunami with waves as high as 133 feet. More than 15,000 people died and about 6,000 were injured.

  • Continued radiation leakage spills into the oceans.

  • Most surprisingly, Japan plans to open many more nuclear plants. Japan's energy needs.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe followed Mr. Masuzoe’s statement up by announcing details of a draft plan that expresses the government’s commitment to nuclear power as an important long-term electricity source. This new Basic Energy Plan outlines Japan’s new medium and long-term energy policy and calls nuclear power an “important base load power source.”
  • A report presented last week at a conference of the American Geophysical Union's Ocean Sciences Section showed that some Cesium 134 has already has arrived in Canada, in the Gulf of Alaska area.

  • Germany: Nuclear Power Plant Safety Plans | Plans total shutdown by 2022.


News Update November 13, 2013 | According to TEPCO, one of the damaged fuel assemblies is bent at a 90-degree angle [literal meaning: bent in the shape of a Japanese character "く"; actual angle could be less]. It was bent 25 years ago when a mistake occurred in handling the fuel. The other two were found to be damaged 10 years ago; there are small holes on the outside from foreign objects.

Homeopathy For Radioactivity | Rosina Sonnenschmidt | How do we deal with something which can’t be smelt, seen or heard, which drifts silently  around the globe on the wind and which leaves dangerous traces in its wake? We humans created atomic power and now have to cope with the consequences.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt describes the prevention and treatment of radiation damage with homeopathy, biochemical tissue salts and naturopathy. She draws on her far-reaching experience in treating radiation damage after radiotherapy and in dealing with Japanese patients.

Sonnenschmidt explains which homeopathic remedies are indicated for anxiety and fear of radiation. She describes how radioactivity affects the body and which organs are particularly sensitive to radiation. She also gives detailed descriptions of the six cardinal remedies for treatment radiation damage, such as Caesium and X-ray, along with other more unusual remedies such as Cisplatinum, Benzinum and Kresolum. She includes successful treatment using the plussing method. Another chapter is devoted to biochemical tissue salts and their potential when treating radiation damage.

Naturopathic measures such as diets incorporating raw juices and enzyme-rich fruits, castor oil and colon cleansing can be extremely effective in treating radiation damage, and the author gives practical descriptions of these. The book is rounded off by easy breathing exercises.


Infowars | We Don't Want Your Smart Meters
Texas Woman Says ‘We Are The People’ And We Don’t Want Your Smart Meters
Donna Anderson May 29, 2013
Sheila Hemphill owns a wellness shop in Brady, Texas, and she’s well aware that even small doses of radiation can have harmful effects on the human body. So when the City Council announced they were going to install smart meters on all homes city-wide, she knew she had to do something or the people of Brady would be facing some serious health issues.
Hemphill just happened to call into the InfoWars show on Tuesday, May 8, and surprised Alex when she told him she’d single-handedly managed to defeat the City Council over the Smart Meter issue, something that many large activists groups have attempted without success.
“I am a person who says ‘No!’ when it comes to my community,” Hemphill said.
Because of her wellness business, Hemphill said the biggest reason she decided to take on City Council was because of the health issues associated with smart meters. She said, “Your pineal gland that detects darkness can’t tell the difference between light frequency and the frequencies from these devices.” So you never get a good night’s sleep.
Hemphill talked about the radiation emitted by lightbulbs, baby monitors, cellphones and Wi-fi. She said when people come into her shop complaining about migraine headaches the first thing she does is tell them to get rid of their compact fluorescent lightbulbs.
“They have 500 units of radiation compared to an incandescent that has only 30. So if you replace the lightbuls in your ceiling fan, before you had 120 units of radiation and now you have over 2000.”
Smart meters collect user data and feed it back to the utility company – and anyone else who wants the information. Consumers are told that the meter will help determine peak usage times so they can regulate usage and save money on their utility bills.
But smart meters track each individual appliance you plug into an outlet in your home. They can tell what time you turned the TV on and off, how much time your kids spend playing their Xbox, how many loads of laundry you washed yesterday. According to Alex, “It’s a robot, an imperial probe droid, attached to the side of your house sending back information that makes Darth Vader look like a choir boy.”
Levels of radiation emitted by smart meters have been directly linked to cancer. People who have these meters installed in their home often report severe migraine headaches, body-aches, flu-like symptoms, and trouble sleeping.
Hemphill said the issue began last October when the City Council voted unanimously to purchase smart meters – to the tune of $2.5 million worth of debt – for all customers of the city-owned electric utility.
Hemphill tried five times to get her issue on the City Council’s agenda and five times she was rejected, even though she lives right across the street from the mayor and they share a parking lot.
“I was legally blocked 5 times from having the ability to seek action of my elected officials.”
Finally, the sixth time was the charm. When asked how she did it, Hemphill said it wasn’t easy to find, but she implemented Texas Local Government Code 9.004.
“…Get a petition together. It requires 5 percent of registered voters or 20,000, whichever is less. You, by petition, change your city charter to get fluoride out of your water, change your city charter that says that you, as the resident, have the right to remove any product or service you deem harmful to your person, property, or privacy, regardless of what the elected officials say, …that they don’t think there’s a problem. We are the people. This is power.”
Hemphill says, so far, she’s been approached by 30 communities across Texas, all trying to enact change and stop the implementation of smart meters. Visit her website at for more information about Texas Local Government Code 9.004.

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That was interesting reading. In Pakistan they are thinking of installing Smart Meters in industrial establishment to ward off cheating and using dubious means of avoiding payment of bills by consumers.They rob the government by using what is called "KUNDAS" or hooks which are directly connected to overhead transmission lines, bypassing the meters, which are also tampered to avoid correct reading. It's a catch 22 situation.



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