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First, compliments to Margaret L. Tyler from her book "Homeopathic Drug Pictures" pgs. 344-345 under Cina.


Get one ounce of fresh, raw pumpkin seeds; take off the shells, pound and mix with two ounces of honey.


Give fasting in morning in 3 doses one hour apart. Worm may come out or need a dose of castor oil. When worm begins to pass, be careful not to pull it out , because if it breaks, head will remain inside and grow a new worm.

Explanation is that worm gormandizes on the pumpkin seed till stupid and comatose, relaxes it's hooks, and gets passed on and out. William



Margaret Lucy Tyler 

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures

A great book of a great homeopath. Excerpts and cases from articles by Hahnemann, T.F. Allen, Hering, Burnett, Kent, Clarke, Farrington and others are blended with Tyler's own experience in 125 lively remedy descriptions. An exceptionally readable book.

125 remedies covered in a narrative style. Many quotes appear from other authors. Reprinted through present day. So many other sources are quoted, that it is almost like a 'Reader's Digest' of Materia Medica.
Comments by Historian Julian Winston

Her flowing, narrative style makes this an exceptionally readable book, and a great book for the neophyte. Of course, one should look at her writing with a view to the historical perspective; when she says of a remedy type, 'look out the window you can see this type in the street,' please remember she is talking about the mid-1930's in London and not in the present day in San Francisco!
Printed in India. Out of Print. Amazon has one book

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