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Hi friends,

While reading books, certain points attract us more. But, unfortunately, we may forget them, and later, we may not even remember the name of the book!

I suggest that you make a habit of noting down the points with the name of book and its page number for future reference. We may not get time to read all books repeatedly, but going through the points can definitely keep our touch with the same books.

Here is one point I got yesterday while reading one small, but a valuable book:

In his book titled, “The hidden treasures of the last Organon”, Dr P. Schmidt writes: “In the foot note to the 271st aphorism, he outlines a social and philanthropic medical service whereby the sick, whether rich or poor, would be given free remedies through the bounty of the state”.

This clearly proves the dedication of Hahnemann in curing the sick.


I suggest you to add some points that attracted you while reading any books related with Homeopathy.


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Good suggestion.


Burnett says :

"Of Hahnemann's father sufficient is known to be sure that he was no ordinary man, in as much as he taught the young Samuel to think for himself or which purpose he is said to have shut him up alone and given him a theme to think out."

If Ameke's history be read it will be seen at once that Hahnemann displayed wonderful energy in securing his primary training, as his father was a man of limited means.

Everywhere facts confirm the historian, wherein he states that Hahnemann never admired metaphysical speculations ; he always concluded on facts, never on theory or speculation. I refer you to his essay on the "Speculative System of Medicine," Lesser Writings, p. 567, wherein a masterly handling of the subject was done, showing a wonderful mind and a complete knowledge of the medicine of his time, which he manipulated so iconoclastically.

Very Nice suggestion...
Thank you all.
DR.Ravindra already mentioned some of the hidden treasures from the Kent's lesser writings! I post the link for reference. Some Important Notes From KENT'S Lesser Writings
M L Tyler said, “read a drug every day, and two on Sundays"


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