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I would like to share thoughts about the treatment of a chronic herpes on the cornea of the eyes. There are already cicatrices on the cornea and blindness is not very far away.

Herpes simplex

The two types of virus, HSV-1 and -2 infect the person via contact during periods of outbreak.

This viral disease may be missed when symptoms are hardly noticeable or thought to be caused from a yeast or other vector. 

The primary virus, HSV-1 is usually acquired orally during childhood, but may also be sexually transmitted.

The HSV-2 is considered an STD infection, but today the HSV-1 also may affect the genital organs and is increasing in the population.

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Dear Lonneke. What are your sharing? What other information? What do you want discussed?

The technical name for this disease is Ocular Herpes Simplex
We usually think of the herpes simplex virus beginning with the chicken pox in children. However, today's children get vaccinated against this disease instead of getting natural immunity. Later in life, teens and young adults may express the virus through cold sores around the mouth and on the face.

Types of Viruses
The two kinds of herpes viruses affect the two mucosal areas of the body. One, is the mouth and the other the genitals. Approximately 25 million people in the United States have flare-ups of facial herpes, 5 million carry the genital herpes. The eyes may be affected with the same virus that affects the mouth and face, with about 500,000 people in the U.S suffering from herpetic eye outbreaks.

When The Eyes Are Involved

Usually only one eye harbors the virus outbreak with the cornea affected. The herpes simplex virus or in these cases the Herpes Keratitis may show up in any of the layers of the eye. Usually superficial involvement of the outer layer does not cause scarring; but in other cases the virus can lead to pathology with loss of vision and blindness. The least known form of the herpes virus affects the inside of the eye (Herpes Uveitis) or the retina (Herpes Retinitis).

Observing Progress of Disease

When a person first expresses symptoms like blurred vision, photo-phobia, pain, irritation and redness, the homeopath may use these rubrics along with the holistic approach to case taking.

It may be helpful to look for the time sequence of each outbreak.
Allopathic Treatment
Traditional treatment consists of anti-viral eye-drops and/or steroids, but these do not act well in severe cases.  As the treatment options are limited, the person may need a corneal transplantation to restore their vision.  

Homeopathic Eye Remedies

  • Aconite napellus is considered the arnica for the eye and we would see fear, restlessness, anxiety, worse from dry cold air, and like silica, worse for checked perspiration.
  • Sympytum- Comfrey root - not only helps heal bones, but cares for pain in the eye after injury

EYES: Inflammation: cornea, keratitis with 139 remedies

EYES: Inflammation: retina, retinis

EYES: ERUPTIONS: herpes: ant-c, ant-t, bry, carbn-s, corn, GRAPH, hep, ign, kreos, lepro, olnd, porot, psor, ran-b, Rhus-t, sarr, sep, SOLID, sulo-ac, sulph, tarent, tell, tub

EYES: Ulcer: cornea

EYES: herpes: cornea: carbn-s, GRAPH, HEP, ign, Lepro, ran-b, sarr, sulo-c

Eyes: Ulcers: deep seated: arg-n, ars, euphras, hep, KALI-BI, MERC, merc-if-f, merc-i-r, sil, SULPH

There are numerous modalities t look for regarding itching, which eye, better or worse for applications, air, etc.

Ulcers, Cornea; scars, from

Ulcers, destructive, cornea: ARG-N, ARS, asaf, CAUST, con

Many more rubrics can be found and as shown above, excellent 'eye' remedies include argentum nitricum, arsenicum, euphrasia, Kali-bi, and all the forms of mercurius

Maybe someone would like to write a summary of each of these remedies and how they pertain to the eye?

Dear Debby,

I would like to know if there is someone with experience in this matter. This is about the child of a colleague of ours and she is giving her child ortho-moleculair supplements for years now and colloidal silver-drops, but things are going worse at the moment. The hospital fears she will be blind within 8 weeks. I never treated someone with this problem. I think about Syph. because of the destructiveness of the process.

So far, I have not treated Ocular Herpes Simplex, but I had a case of Chicken pox with vesicle on the cornea. Merc cor was given considering the rubric: Eyes - ulceration - cornea - Painful. It healed without any scars.

I hope that she will respond nicely to homeopathic medicine. You may ask her to consult a homeopath for detailed clinical examination and case taking.

Thank you for sharing your experience!


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