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Has anyone had any cases of simple hernia? What happens if you do you not see the usual symptoms of hernia or any signs of inflammation?  What treatments have you used and what Master's works have guided you? 


Femoral hernias are more common in women, usually elderly and frail (although they can happen in children). They typically present as a groin lump. They may or may not be associated with pain. Often, they present with a varying degree of complication ranging from irreducibility through intestinal obstruction to frank gangrene of contained bowel. The incidence of strangulation in femoral hernias is high. A femoral hernia has often been found to be the cause of unexplained small bowel obstruction.


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This is what I do when there are no symptoms (in other words, when I do not observe anything special in the patient!): First of all, we should try to remove the maintaining factors such as cough, constipation, overwork, lifting, etc.

Ask the patient to do exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, but only after reducing the hernia into the cavity. Hence the best time is early in the morning before rising from bed.

If the hernia (inguinal) is right sided, give Lycopodum. If left sided, give nuxvom.If painful, give belladonna. If associated with vomiting, give cocculus.If all medicines fail, i try plumbum, and then Opium. Syphilnm can be given as an intercurnt drug.

In case of umbilical hernia in kids, nux vom works like magic.

Ask the patient to use hernia belt while doing any strainous work, but not always, because, our muscles are basically lazy, they will stop functioning when they get strong external support for 24 hours!

Weight reduction is also necessary.

Finally, if no result, refer the case to a surgeon, especially when there are signs of complications like obstruction or ischemia.


Thank you sir.

Thank you for this short but exact information!


Very good auxiliary suggestions. I think precaution make the half cure.

Thank tou very much sir,

it is indeed a very useful and helpful information.

learning Homeopathy from proffesionals is much fun.

keep on the good job :)


thanks again


very good: important & concluding informations..
our medicine can cure Constriction, our medicine can cure prolapsus and our medicine also can cure hernia if they can cure patient. (The physician high and only mission is to restore the sick.)
Best selected medicine according to her constitution is "the" option to cure any pathological case. But auxiliary suggestions are very necessary in advance stages. Your knowledge of pathology, surgery and Medicine (What we study in our college time) plays basic role to ruled out the prognosis during homeopathic medicinal course. Without knowledge of disease it is very dangerous to treat any advance pathology. So my advice is to take full case history and treat the patient according to her state. Similar medicine gives relief in symptoms but cure ensured by only "Simillimum".


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