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The Queensland government in Australia has allocated a large amount of money to research this awful disease horses and a dog recently contract from areas inhabited by bats.  Several treating vets have died.  It threatens the whole racing industry and those who keep horses.

It seems to me that  Homeopathy should have something to offer? What about a remedy from a bat with immunity?  Does anyone have any thoughts?

The Scientific Name of Hendra Virus Disease

CDC | Hendra virus (formerly called equine morbillivirus) is a member of the family Paramyxoviridae. The virus was first isolated in 1994 from specimens obtained during an outbreak of respiratory and neurologic disease in horses and humans in Hendra, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. 

The Origin of Hendra Virus Disease

Originally found in Australia the transmission from animal to animal causes concerns to humans. Through direct exposure to tissues and secretions from infected horses, the Nipah virus has also caused a relatively mild disease in pigs in Malaysia and Singapore. Nipah virus was transmitted to humans, cats, and dogs through close contact with infected pigs.

Pteropus vampyrus bats (Large flying fox) harbor the Nipah virus, a form of HVD

Wikipedia contains a historical list of events for this virus with tons of resources.

What is a Zoanotic Disease?

Hendra virus is a zoonotic disease, which means it can transfer from animals to people. This reminds us of the swine flu and how virus can mutate and jump animal species to humans and then become contagious among human populations.

Signs and Symptoms of Hendra Virus Disease (HVD)
Even though only 3 people have been infected so far, we see a flu-like illness just like swine flu, starting with up to two week of fever with headache indicating inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) with fever and sleepiness. The virus attacks the central nervous system resulting in coma, seizures and upper respiratory failure. This disease must be cared for immediately because within one to two days the patient can go into a coma and die. 

Signs and Symptoms of Hendra Virus Disease in Equine

Look for early warning signs of fever, increased heart rate and restlessness, difficulty breathing and/or weakness and neurological signs such as uncoordinated gait and muscle twitching, quickly leading to death in most cases.

Periodicity of Hendra Virus Disease

The time from exposure to a sick horse until the start of illness in humans has been between five and 21 days.

Climate Change Awakens The Hendra Virus Disease

Scientific America | Epidemic diseases in general have increased due to climate change.  Nancy Bazilchuk posits that environmental stresses such as flooding, temperature changes, loss of habitat, change in plant and animal, loss of food sources, amount of rain, etc contribute to stress of the fruit eating bats, which in turn weakens them so that the virus inhabits more of their population. Then, when animals interact, the virus jumps to other species and spreads to larger and newer areas and populations. 

  • In fact, "World health officials concluded in 2004 that more than three-quarters of new, emerging or re-emerging human diseases today are caused by pathogens originating from animals or animal products."
This indicates that we must preserve our natural environments providing healthy habitats for all living organisms to keep a balance in nature. We must also improve living conditions for our domesticated animals, and must encourage organic agriculture. 

And, we must learn to strengthen the immune system of our pets, animals and ourselves. 

Listen to the Healthy Pet Radio Shows with Dr Christina Chambreau

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HWC now has a live chat where we can have full discussions. We started to talk about this entry.

  •  Jean Watson Doherty

    The virus would be so dangerous to work with but wonder if could make a remedy from a bat with immunity

  • Anyhow we will see what comes up. They are working on immunization using allopathic methods

  •  Debby

    Sounds very interesting. Perhaps read through some of the Swine Flu blogs here and see comparison. Perhaps we just take the 'similimum' of remedies. Like Belladonna for encephylitis

  • Not necessary if homeopathy can be used prophylacticallly

  • Think of all the good epidemicus remedies for swine flu

  • or meningitis

  •  Jean Watson Doherty

    Gelsemium and croralus as bleeding eventually may be useful

  •  Debby

    or the other nosodes that are available. Yes!!

  • Seems like brain inflammation, coma, respiratory arrest happen within 1-2 days

  • Not reading a lot of bleeding

  • must just be inflammation

  •  Jean Watson Doherty

    Apis??/ Merc??

  •  Debby

    restlessness - gelsemium, aconite,

  • to think, "predicts time of death" certainly it is imminent - aconite may help

  • very rapid onset

  • Welcome Dr Vaishali and Verraraghavan

  • Hi Kavi

  •  Jean Watson Doherty

    I think it would be a progression of remedies to meet the state. I think I would take Aconite if treating vet

  •  Debby

    These remedies would all have to be tested in live cases

  • Not just lab work, as allopathy

  • Dr.Vaishali Bhide

    Hi , how are you?

  •  Debby

    Having conversation about Hendra virus in equine that mutates to jump to humans


  • In fact, there is a nice blog on hydrocephalus here that also may pertain to this virus effects


  • Dr.Vaishali Bhide

    Thank you for info, I am checking that link

Sad to report that 2 more horses have died last week. A vet  has also died in recent years after examining horses afflicted.

Dealing with horses that become ill must be  so very frightening. Last year a dog was put down having tested positive for the virus but without signs of illness.

Accordind To Dr Shahrdar's research of Miasmatic remedies [Repertorium Virosum] the following is relevant

Main antimiasmatic remedies
Merc, Ars.

Hello Jean. Thank you for reporting. Sorry to hear the recent results of this disease.


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