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       Here is another case of Hemangioma in a girl, responding wonderfully to homoeopathic medicine. The improvement was visible one month after starting the treatment, and now almost three months passed, she is improving day by day. The medicine given was: Abrotanum 200, one dose every seven days. Also given Thuja 1M, two doses, once in a month. Now only PL is given. Our modern medical friends say that Hemangioma disappears even without treatment (they often say this whenever we cure the cases!). But natural remission takes several years, whereas, with Homeopathy we can do the same within a few days or months. So far, I have successfully cured 4 to 5 cases of Hemangioma within a short period of time. I have another three cases now improving. So, friends, do not hesitate to treat Hemangioma cases. It is curable with Homeopathy – No doubt!

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

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What is the age of the girl. I see spot is on bridge of nose. 

It is not curable by allopathy.It is one sided disease.I appreciate for success.


Thank you.

She is now two years old.

What is also interesting, is that Abrot belongs to the same family as Arnica, although its miasm is quite different. Very nice example of how effective our medicines can be.

Abrotanum is specifically indicated in "Angioma of the face." (Boericke).

 Dr. Rafeeque did you prescribe Abrot on this specific symptom or you found some more symptoms of Abrot in your patient?

What indications led you to prescribe Abroatanum ?
Nice improvement..

The magic of Boericke!

This is the latest update.


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