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Heel pain is a very common problem in present era. A number of patients knock at the door of Doctors daily for heel pain only. There are so many drugs under Homoeopathy for the same and very frequent failures are there in treating heel pain, and consequently the patient turn towards another sort of treatments. This is our lack of knowledge, nothing else. To over come these problems, we must first know the basic causes for heel pain.

First, we must know the anatomy of heel. I am not going to take space here for this point, as this is easily available in various textbooks on anatomy. I am coming to causes of heel pain directly.

1- Attenuation of Achilles tendon.
2- Achilles tendon bursitis.
3- Stress fractures of bones in heel. (Diffuse tenderness).
4- Cyst formation.
5- Plantar fasciitis.
6- Haglund's disease (Prominent Posterio - superior calcaneal tubrosity.)
7- Reactive osteosclerosis of the posterio - inferior tuberosity ( Due to abnormal Achilles tendon insertion)
8- Calcaneal spur.
9- Plantar fat pad atrophy.
10- Traumatic disruption of plantar fat pad septa.

Now, we must we aware of the symptoms of each disorder stated above are different but all of them are localized to heel. Almost all the patients feel unable to explain their sufferings so clearly as to make distinction easy to the physician.

Here radiological diagnosis is of great value. After a very careful examination and investigation the doctor can reach to the cause of pain.

I am giving here a work on short repertorizations based upon various repertories. Only particular rubrics are used here to understand role of various remedies related to pain in heels. However, during prescribing Homoeopathically, all the rules must strictly be followed.

Main rubrics pertaining to Heel-Pain:
1. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel
3. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - tendo achillis
4. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - malleolus - internal
5. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - malleolus - outer
6. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - malleolus - outer - walking
7. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - jarring
8. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - stepping, on
9. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - walking, while
10. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - motion
11. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - pulsating
12. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - rheumatic
13. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - sitting
14. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - standing
15. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - step, from a false
16. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - touch
17. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - walking - amel.
18. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Ankle - warmth - agg.
19. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - ascending stairs
20. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - bone
21. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - elevating the feet amel.
22. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - gouty
23. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - nails under the skin; like
24. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - pressure agg.; least
25. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - resting, with boot off, amel.
26. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - pulsating
27. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - rheumatic
28. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - rising from a seat
29. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - rubbing amel.
30. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - sitting
31. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - splinter; as from a
32. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - standing
33. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - ulcerative
34. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - walking
35. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - walking - amel.
36. EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Foot - heel - warmth amel.
38. EXTREMITIES - INFLAMMATION - Foot - heel - rheumatic
39. EXTREMITIES - INFLAMMATION - Foot - periosteum
41. EXTREMITIES - INFLAMMATION - Joints - synovitis
44. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - aponeurosis
46. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - bones; of - periosteum; of
47. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - bones; of - bone marrow; of
48. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - bursae; of
49. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - cartilages; of
50. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - cellulitis
51. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - joints; of - arthritis deformans
52. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - muscles; of
53. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - nerves; of
54. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - synovial membranes; of
55. GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - tendons; of

These are the rubrics available in various repertories, which are related to heel- pain. However many among them can be related to numerous other problems, the synthesis of a particular rubric for heel- pain may need single or combination of one or many of these. A doctor can now reach to the point of illness and may diagnose and ascertain the real site or structures of involvement and use the given rubrics in making the similimum. 

A Homoeopath, after very keen observation and very careful evaluation of the signs and symptoms taken, can most precisely make the similimum picture of the suffering and thenceforth can heal the ailments best.

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Dr Rajneesh. This is awesome. Does anyone have a cured cased where heel pain was a key element to finding the remedy?
Thanks Debby... There are a number of one sided cases in which there is marked symptom of heel pain with peculiar modalities. They are miraculously cured if sensation and modalities are marked.
Dr. Sharma.
Here are some remedies which are very useful in heel pain.
Ruta, Puls, Medor, Led, Hyper, Rhus
To select the best heel homeopathy remedy necessary for Plantar Fascitis, the homeopathic doctor will observe blood sugar, blood pressure, and the shoes that the patient wears. Unfortunately, stomach conditions are equivalent to feet soreness and pain.
1. Relief can be obtained by acu-pressure. Press hard every centimeter on the sole of the foot, with the tip of the hand-thumb for 5 seconds, hold and then release. Repeat on the same area 2-3 times. Gradually cover the entire foot.
2. Most Beneficial: Add 10 ml Glycerin to a tub of hot water (not warm). Submerge feet for at least 20 minutes (up to ankles).
3. Heel Homeopathy remedy: Take Cal Flour-6X and Silicea-12X. Four tablets each, four times a day until symptoms subside.
Thanks with regards Dr. Sarswat for these valuable suggestions.
Cal fluor and siliciea used in low attenuated doses (3x, 6x, 12x) removes the calcaneal spur permanently.
Thanks Dr. Bhapkar.
Some time pain persists in the heel in person's who are overweight without any structural abnormality. Until the person loses weight, the pain will continue. Body weight can cause some swelling in the deep fascia of the heel.
That is true Dr. Bhapkar..
In my practice I always used Valeriana 30 in water which always give me quick results. It is in simple heel pain.
May be due to some sort of common modalities in your area. Well, it helps so many people with heel pains. Regards Dr. Sathe.
Interesting observation. Could there be a mineral in the water or some other influence which contributes to a people in a locale having heel pain?
Of course! May be a cause. Can Valeraiana work there as prophylactic?


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