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On January 19, 2015 The Health Inn will be hosted by Debby Bruck. She welcomes calls in to the show.  CLICK WORLD CLOCK Show at 10:30AM - Noon EASTERN TIME

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For the New Year 2015, we have heard a lot of hype concerning the Influenza season. It appears to be a "year-round" medical promotion to get your vaccination as a preventative and protection against contracting the flu. 

• What are the facts about the flu season? 

• What is the definition of flu compared to other respiratory conditions?

• How are these vaccinations made?

• Are the ingredients safe, making these vaccines risk free?

• How effective are vaccinations?

• Boosting the immune system with Vitamins.

• Using homeopathic remedies prior to contracting the disease.

• What are some top homeopathic remedies to recover quickly from influenza?

• What remedies can help when symptoms linger?

• Recommended Resource Links

Debby Bruck, Certificate of Homeopathy, Founder of HomeopathyWorldCommunity 2009, BlogTalkRadio Show Host 2010-2014, NissanCommunications HWC Show Host 2011-2015, Hubpage Blogger 2009 - present.

Debby holds university degrees in education and graphic design, as well as hundreds of hours of homeopathic education. She has had an interest in homeopathy since 1985.

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1) Bad effects of vaccination (especially after DPT, Triple Antigen), resulting upper respiratory congestion: Antimonium tart.

2) Bad effects of vaccination (especially after OPV, Polio Vaccine), resulting convulsion, diarrhea, vitiligo or high fever: Thuja.

3) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting abscess formation: Silicea

4) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting eczema capitis: Mezereum.

5) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting haemolytic jaundice, post vaccination eruptions: Crotalus horridus.

6) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting dry, scaly, greasy measly eruptions: Malandrinum.

7) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting systemic disorders (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome): Vaccininum.

8) Bad effects of vaccination, resulting connective tissue disorders: Streptoccocin.

9) Painless diarrhea and/or erysipelas after vaccination: Apis mel.

10) Bad effects of vaccination resulting paralytic disorders: Hydrophobinum (Lyssin).

11) Bad effects of vaccination resulting malnutrition, rickety appearance: Streptococcin.

12) Bad effects of vaccination resulting eczema: Kali mur., Skookum chuck.

13) Bad effects of vaccination resulting backache and allied joint problems: Variolinum.

14) Bad effects of vaccination resulting suppurative dyscrasia & blackening of skin: Gun powder.

15) Bad effects of vaccination resulting fever, otitis, vomitting, sleeplessness and localized reaction (e.g. erythema, oedema, etc.): D.P.T. in potency



Join us. Nissan Communications has been in service for over 20 years. Presently, utilizing internet technology to reach an international audience and building host channels.

These programs are open to the public, with live chat and call in via telephone and Skype capabilities.

The Health Inn Show has been broadcasting since 2012 on a weekly basis and has switched over to a MONTHLY SCHEDULE on the third Monday at 10:30AM Eastern Time USA

Debby Bruck, show host, interviews Health experts in alternative treatments and specifically homeopathy and energy medicine. We are environmentally and politically conscious, striving for peace and understanding. Full transparency with regard to drugs, vaccinations, food labeling, and toxins in the environment must be priority to create a cleaner world.

The month of February will feature Fran Sheffield talking about Autism and Healing Approaches to those afflicted with this condition.


‹Gisa› exactly - will be an interesting topic (vacc).
‹Amnon› Good morning Gisa
‹Gisa› Good "morning" - here it is about 4 p.m.
‹Gisa› I hope you are well
‹Amnon› Good afternoon then    All is fine.  looking forward to see Debbie here.
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Amnon, Gisa Good morning
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› How are you everyone?
‹Amnon› hello Dr. Sharma
‹Gisa› I just hear the last show, that one with the eagle. I just painted an eagle - exactly this one
‹Gisa› nice to hear about
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Amnon sir how are you?
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Everyone. I'm in the studio now
‹Amnon› Fine, how about you?
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› I am also good Welcome Debby ji
‹Debby Bruck› This was great show on Birds. Now we go into BIRD FLU hahahah
‹Gisa› Nice - how are you, Debby
‹Debby Bruck› I'm happy to do show today
‹Gisa› wonderful
‹Debby Bruck› Deepak - we hear you
‹Amnon› You cannot hear us
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› oh why
‹Gisa› I wait for the fish flue - what's about. Seems to be a nice idea
‹Debby Bruck› No fish flu
‹Gisa› I should think about the eagle as remedy. Painted and blocked voice (blocked in the body)... - may be. A therapist I am...
‹Debby Bruck› Thank you for letting others know about today's show
‹Gisa› no problem - pleasure!
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› pleasure us Debby
‹Debby Bruck› Yes. we hear you.
‹Amnon› We are live
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Listeners can refresh  the page
‹Gisa› (y)
‹DR Kulbhushan D› How are you all /
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Dr Kulbhushan
‹MeMi› Good a.m. everyone - Happy for another show with the lovely Debby Bruck & to see everyone
‹Vera› Hello Everyone
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Hello everyone on the show?
‹Wequar› Good morning to all from Miami
‹MeMi› We're on - LIVE DR Kulbhushan, Vera, Gisa Dr Deepak, Dr. Bob, Debby, Amnon, Wequar
‹Gisa› thx
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Good Mor Memi, wequar sir
‹Amnon› The Vaughn stream is the clearest one.
‹Wequar› Good day Dr Sharma
‹Gisa› breathing is healing in itself, because we find to our own core / rest.
‹Gisa› sun breathing
‹kavitha› Hello Debby and Every one
‹Gisa› as well as moon breathing
‹Wequar› It gives or drills oxygen into our body through our lungs,---Iyengar
‹Gisa› may be. But in special it makes the acception of the inner pictures possible. For anatomy: the amygdala.
‹Wequar› Breathing out is more to get rid of carbon dioxide
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Pranayam is the best method to increase the body immunity to fight with sicknesses
‹MeMi› CO2 out - O2 in
‹Gisa› right you are - Raja Yoga
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Correct Dr Deepak
‹DR Kulbhushan D› In many chronic & baffling case it has proved reversible
‹Gisa› Pneumonia for my opinion is the result of bad situation in nutrition and living.
‹Gisa› not so the flu - my opinion
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Shri SRI SRIs Sudershan kriya is also a great process
‹MeMi› Some people develop pneumonia after being in the hospital, especially for lung issues - ie asthmatics - not enough air movement and body movement (and poor hospital food?)
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Dr Wequar saheb mizaz acche hain janab?
‹Gisa› for example
‹kavitha› Apart from several other remedies Tuberculinum or Bacillinum are very helpful for chronic colds, allergies etc
‹Gisa› and poor situation of not being accepted / loved / "pampered"
‹Wequar› "SHUKR Alhamdolillah" thank you
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Anlom - vilom is also and alternate method to fight with asthma and chronic sinusitis
‹Wequar› That is what Debby showed
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Yes Kavitha Bacillinum do the miracles in chronic case
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Honey cuccermin goose berry are of great help as natural health supplements for consideration
‹Wequar› I agree Dr Sharma
‹DR Kulbhushan D› How about considering Influenzinum as prophylactic
‹Wequar› And where does Oscicocilum fit in?
‹Dr. Bob› How about occilococcinum as prophylaxis
‹MeMi› the sugar in honey helps loosen mucous - refined sugar from sugar beets is GMO
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Yes they are Wonderful in action
‹Gisa› normally in winter we only do the half of that of the summer. That's healthy. But in modern time we try to be in action ALL the time. That is silly.
‹MeMi› Some hospitals are starting their own organic gardens, I've read.
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Dr Shweta Singh,
‹fairy mom› Bacillinuma nd tuberculin are nosodes and has to be taken care when given
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello manfred, Rhonda
‹DR Kulbhushan D› I very much agree with you Fairy
‹MeMi› No Triclosan!
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Hi Dr Shweta how are you?
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Dr Shweta Singh is a Joint Secy of Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association and working on Uterine Fibroid.
‹Dr Shweta Singh› Hello everyone
‹Dr Shweta Singh› m gud sir....
‹Dr Shweta Singh› thankyou
‹Wequar› Welcome Dr Shweta
‹MeMi› Welcome Dr. Shweta
‹Dr Shweta Singh› thankyou all..
‹kavitha› Nice to see you here Dr Shweta
‹fairy mom› Also Vitamin C works great
‹Dr Shweta Singh› same here mam
‹kavitha› yeap
‹Wequar› Is there a substitute for Vitamin D in the cell salts or homeopathy
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Dr Deepak you haven't said anything about me as like Dr Shweta this is not fair
‹Gisa› 2000 i.e. / day in 4 portions
‹Gisa› Units
‹MeMi› LOL, DR Kulbhushan - We'll vouch for you - You're Gr8!
‹Gisa› and the last please 4 hours BEFORE sleeping. It makes you awaken
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Sir Dr Shweta is new here and everybody knows you well as you are a National Regional Representative of WHAO
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Thanks MeMi ha ha
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Oh thanks Deepak i know & so sweet of U
‹Gisa› and Vit C together with something, which includes Vit C, too. because of the assiciated material, the body needs to put it into.
‹Wequar› Regular use of Lemon juice is also good to compensate for vitamin c
‹Gisa› for a lot of Vit D you need cheese and your arms into the sunlight - you produce it by yourself (you have the provitamine)
‹Gisa› Cheese because of the calcium
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› yes as we can get  vItamin D free instead of that we are getting 30000 INR per Kg in India. 1gram of pouch is cost around 30Rs INR
‹Gisa› and please Curcuma, it is important too
‹MeMi› There are TONS of studies specifically on vitamin C, but orthomolecular supplementation in general.  Ditch the mice, already!
‹Gisa› chicken soup = best!!!
‹kavitha› Chicken soup and Tomato with onion or garlic soup is excellent
‹Dr. Bob› better be an ORGANIC CHICKEN!!!
‹Gisa› onion including the brown skin.
‹Gisa› cook it by yourself - no fast food
‹Dr. Bob› Campbells mmmm mmmmm good ???
‹Gisa› exactly these greenies! I didn't know the name
‹MeMi› Use glass pots instead of metal if possible (like Corning ware)
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› hmm we are pure vegetarian
‹Gisa› where do you get your B 12 from - as vegetarian?
‹fairy mom› I am vegan too
‹Dr. Bob› Only eat a vegetarian chicken!!
‹Gisa› hi hi
‹fairy mom› I guess most of the beans has B12
‹Gisa› sorry, not enough
‹Gisa› your brain needs more
‹Gisa› B 12 is fuel for the mind
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› oh yes B12 is the back bone of nerves
‹Gisa› so it is
‹Gisa› but there is a difference between vegan and vegetarians - as vegetarian you can eat cheese and so on...
‹DR Kulbhushan D› It is being seen that Vit D & B12 are very low in most of our patients
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› yes good point Gisa
‹Gisa› if we become older, we have less B 12, the intrinsic factor doesn't tell the brain, that there is B12 in the nutrition. So it can be useful to take the injection.
‹DR Kulbhushan D› We will have to look out for Veg Chicken as per Dr Bob
‹Amnon› My chickens eat hamburger all day, they just pick it off of the ground outside
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Gisas suggestion of taking B12 shot is best i think
‹Gisa› you feel the fail of B12 in the next 4-5 years when your depot becomes empty. And you know (after injection) that you do not need, if the urine becomes pinky in the next 4 hours.
‹Dr. Bob› Poison
‹Dr. Bob› The children are the group they want to vaccinate the most
‹kavitha› I don't encourage Flu shots
‹Amnon› The elderly !!!
‹Dr. Bob› Yup= it kills them faster
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Every science has its limitations
‹Gisa› here against flu? no, the older ones, esp. in the rest homes.
‹Gisa› and after time they become silly - Alzheimer and Co
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› I also strongl y oppose even my 2 patient did not take flu shot in USA they are on homeo prophylaxis
‹kavitha› I do homeoprophylaxis
‹Gisa› I do not
‹Wequar› What medicine?
‹Gisa› I use homeopathy, if I'm ill. Then I have symptoms to do.
‹Dr. Bob› FluMist is nasal spray
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Influnzinum, Baccilinum
‹Dr. Bob› Tamiflu is antiviral AFTER you get the flu and it does not work better than placebo
‹Gisa› Tamiflu was against cancer. But not well sold. So it became an anti-flu-drug
‹kavitha› Dr Wequar: I follow Kate and Cilla protocal for homeoprophylaxis. Similar to Dr Isaac
‹MeMi› Let thy food be thy medicine.... prevention and immune system strengthing
‹Dr. Bob› 1977 Swine Flu epidemic- vaccine killed tens of thousands
‹Gisa› The best prophylaxis is good food, nice and clean water, a roof above and warmness - and for sure: to know what you live from tomorrow.
‹MeMi› Precisely, Gisa 
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Best Gisa
‹fairy mom› I completely agree Gisa
‹Gisa› please trust in creation / god / goddess: If there would be germs / viruses / aggressors we as manhood would be died off before 1 mill years. We are not - we live. There must be a reason and it is not modern medicine (since 100 years)
‹Wequar› Saline nasal wash? Is it helpful
‹Gisa› it is
‹Jana› What about the dangers of the preservatives and heavy metals? Why endanger yourself? I have treated many who got sick after the shot anyway
‹MeMi› Saline nasal wash / Neti is excellent Dr. Wequar
‹fairy mom› client education helps to avoid the above stuff
‹Wequar› Thank you
‹Gisa› protect yourself with your life force and you believe in. Will be the best.
‹Gisa› slide 12
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Enhance Immunoforce
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Homeopathy is best work where the symptoms are related to mental symptoms
‹Wequar› What medicine after FLU,weakness etc?
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› I gave Nux vomica most of the time
‹Gisa› Aconitum napellus = Passiver Zorn mit qualvoller Angst = The person feels angry, nothing thinks to be able to act, and gets in agonising fear.
‹MeMi› No where else but in homeopathy would one say, "Thank God for the mentals" - guidance to the cure
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Well said MeMi
‹fairy mom› Yes Nux after conventional treatment by Dr. William boericke!
‹Gisa› Nux vomica = Arbeitet hektisch der Katastrophe entgegen = hectic Works of disaster counter
‹kavitha› Yes Deepak , most of flu cases are responding well with Nuxvomica
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thnx Kavitha
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Five phos works wonders
‹Gisa› Arsenicum album  = Panisches sich Entziehen = The person reacts in panic fear. He tries to avoid.
‹MeMi› Thank you Dr. Kulbhushan
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Oh yes Five phos
‹kavitha› Kali mur tissure remedy is excellent
‹kavitha› biochemic
‹Gisa› Kalium bichromicum = Eigene Bedürfnisse ignorieren durch scheinbare Aufopferung = Ignores the own needs by ostensible sacrifice
‹Gisa› Belladonna = Zorn über mangelnde Aufmerksamkeit = Rage about lacking attention
‹Gisa› Kalium muriaticum = Eigene Bedürfnisse ignorieren, Gefühlsopfer = ignores own needs,  immolation of (own) feelings
‹kavitha› Gisa: Thanks for nice notes on remedies
‹Gisa› it's the background of mind / emotions
‹Gisa› Bryonia album = Traditionen klammern, sich darauf berufen = Clinch to traditions, appeal to it
‹MeMi› You read my mind kavitha - Gisa is a multi-linqual Materia Medica today! TY Gisa 
‹Wequar› Barking cough/ Spongia toasta
‹Gisa› I'm writing one
‹Gisa› takes time
‹Gisa› Spongia = Selbstverzicht für Schutz = self-renunciation for protection
‹Rochelle› How much have I missed - have been hospital visiting
‹Gisa› Bryonia needs one to lean against.
‹Amnon› A lot, but you can watch later 
‹Rochelle› Causticvum sips of cold water relieves cough
‹Gisa› Causticum Hahnemanni = Die Welt muss gut sein, sonst bin ich verloren! = The world MUST be good, otherwise I am lost!
‹Gisa› Eupatorium = Geschlagen und geschunden = Hit and maltreated
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Kate
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Nice to see you Kate
‹Wequar› Eu perf - bone pains main symptom
‹Gisa› ask the patient: What are you afraid off? What are you angry about? He answers and you know the remedy.
‹Wequar› My personal experience
‹Rochelle› had a NBWS a flu with bone pain and Eupat P cures
‹Gisa› Mercurius solubilis = pathetisch oder apathische Abkehr von der Welt = pathetic or apathetic withdrawal from the world
‹Rochelle› it was a teenager years ago
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Ah Merc sol /
‹Gisa› therefore (bone pain) beaten and maltreated.
‹Gisa› for Eupat.
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Wequar sir what personal exp?
‹Rochelle› I used a mixture of Gels and Nux for visitors over New Year with the flu
‹Rochelle› Nux because they were so chilly and couldn't get warm
‹Gisa› Nux-v has a problem with the role understanding, he tries to be better than the others.
‹Rochelle› Nux warms you up in 10 mins
‹Gisa› Gelsemium = Erwartungsangst weil durch Bedrohung blockiert = Expectation fear because blocks by menace
‹Wequar› I had flu with very painful bones as if twisting,Eu perf worked well
‹Gisa› if there is a cough = there is an inner protest, opposition, but no way the find words for it.
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Yes its the only med with this characteristic & it must have
‹Gisa› if there is a wet nouse = there is a problem with the family / very near persons and you are tearing about
‹Gisa› if there is fever = there is boiling blood, anger about something. And no chance to do against.
‹Gisa› PHosphorus was mine this year.
‹Gisa› Phosphorus = Lebenstrauma: Teufelskreis = life trauma: vicious circle
‹Gisa› Phosphorus: often hears the beating heart while in the bed.
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Our homoeopathy has some very super medicinal armoury isnt it
‹Gisa› right
‹Gisa› Pulsatilla prat. = Kopf im Sand = Head in sand - Pulsatilla is often also an idea
‹Gisa› Puls will be pampered
‹kavitha› I have seen Phos helping for chronic lingering colds
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Homoeopathy The Best Bet has been my first article that is why
‹MeMi› I hope you'll share your article in HWC DR Kulbhushan - sound very interesting - I like the terms you just used.
‹Gisa› yellow discharge = I cannot develop myself. All block me. So if so, please pamper me!
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Definitely ill MeMi my pleasure
‹Gisa› Discharging fluids = like to act under water. Water = emotions. So Puls is blocked by the own feeling.
‹Gisa› pains in the ears = I will not obey, I will not do, what you want. Please stop it, I'm ill.
‹Gisa› Rumex = Reizbar, dabei Angst vor Gefühlen = Irritable, while fear of feelings
‹Rochelle› after midnight
‹kavitha› Kali carb worse 3-5am
‹Gisa› Kalium carbonicum = Eigene Bedürfnisse ignorieren, Clown = Plays the clown. Ignores own needs
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Today again a very knowledge enriching session so thank you all for joining
‹Gisa› no problem, we will  go back
‹MeMi› What a great group of people.  It's always enlightening and fun on this show.  TY Debby, Amnon, Dr Sharma, everyone!
‹Wequar› thank you all
‹kavitha› Thank you Debby, Amnon, Deepak and every one
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thank you every one
‹Gisa› Drosera = Darf sich nicht (selbst)bewusst wehren = May not defend itself even / self-confidently
‹Dr. Bob› Very informative show!!
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› yes really informativ e
‹Rochelle› You do an excellent job Debby!!
‹Wequar› Debby wishing you all the best
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› We wish all the very best to Debby.
‹Dr. Bob› Get out there and DO IT!!!
‹Gisa› Debby, you did it in a wonderful way. I thank you <3
‹kate› Thank you have always done such a great job and given such great service to all of us...
‹kavitha› You are loved by every one Debby. You are very special and dear to homeopathy folks
‹MeMi› TY Debby - God Bless -- Until we all meet again <3 "So long, farewell... BE WELL"
‹Gisa› good bye and God bless you
‹Debby Bruck› Love you all. Be well
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Reb - I missed you
‹Debby Bruck› Oh!! DR K -- I forgot to mention you in the ending. ((HUGS))
‹Gisa› Debby - for you:
‹Gisa› see your FB-page
‹DR Kulbhushan D› Thanks Debby love you god bless you
‹Debby Bruck› <3

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