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Health, beauty and natural growth with a single dose:

You will see within a month or six weeks after giving solitary dose of the sufficiently potentized remedy the nails that are corrugated and uneven and spotted and irregular will form a margin and will grow out smooth. High potencies simple establish a state of order, so that digestion and assimilation go on, order is established, and tissues are improved. Health comes, beauty, a growth of hairs, better skin, and better nails.   CALCAREA CARB


~ Dr. J. T. Kent

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Injunction: When symptoms agree
Where's that "LIKE" button? Always based upon The Organon of Medicine foundational laws.

Where is the typical totality of symptoms? It means that there is place for specific remedies for these sorts of things. I do not thing it is disallowed in homeopathy. It is an advantage.

Dr. Deepak Sharma
i agree with such results....I also found result with Nat. Mur.200 single dose...
I got many times the result of single dose recently in one of my patients 35 year female with continuous white vaginal discharge for 15 year with no success of many treatments including allopathy, ayurvedic and homeopathy, after taken a long history i gave her a single dose of Bacillinum 200 in Feb 2011 with continuous placebos with slowly progressing improvements today when she came to my clinic she complaint me for the skin eruption on her back with no vaginal discharge, i taken history again and find that she was suffered with same eruptions in childhood treated with allopathic lotions and antibiotics - (Hering law)


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