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Today I came across with this "hcg homoeoopathic drops" (by dr.simeon) . Googled it and found a large no of site selling this product . And a number of articles claiming it to be AGAINST THE BASIC PRICIPLES OF i was wondering....


1. What is the homoeopathic HCG, has there been any provings of HCG (which possibly i am not aware of ).


2.Does it work? Have you had any experience with it? If so please share.

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A medicine does neither become Allopathic or Homoeopathic by dint of its name nor according to the name of the manufacturer or even the professional label of the prescriber. A remedy becomes Homoeopathic only when applied on the basis of symptom similarity. Any remedy prescribed on any other basis or principles can be any thing other than Homoeopathic medicine. So, we must know the provings of HCG and the basis of Rx.

Dr Sushil, well put. We are sort of deviating from what Homeopathy is truly all about. We seem to be forgetting the real truth about this healing art as stipulated by Hahnemann. There are a lot of pitfalls if we do not correct our path. That is the reason why Homeopathy is being maligned.

very well said. Thank you


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