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Today I came across with this "hcg homoeoopathic drops" (by dr.simeon) . Googled it and found a large no of site selling this product . And a number of articles claiming it to be AGAINST THE BASIC PRICIPLES OF i was wondering....


1. What is the homoeopathic HCG, has there been any provings of HCG (which possibly i am not aware of ).


2.Does it work? Have you had any experience with it? If so please share.

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I do not have this drug from any company but have prepared from HCG hormone obltained from a laboratory over here. I have tried it in 3 potency but results are still awaited. I have given it to three cases of recurrent abortions due to insufficiency of placenta.
Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin --- HCG

Homeopathy is mainly suffering because of such patents and other magic remedies. Some of the recent attacks by the skeptics were actually highlighting the use of such products. "Homeopathic" sleeping pills and Malaria "preventive" drugs are a few among them. We need to teach the public about the real homeopathy. Let the people know what is real homeopathy. The same trend is there in all systems of medicine. Now Ayurveda is also marketed in the same fashion!

HCG is also available in potentized form maybe in Helios pharmacy. Anyone residing nearby can give the correct information maybe. That is perfectly homoeopathic if it is in potency.
Yeah, if it is available in potentized form with some original provings, we all will surely welcome this remedy.

What I came across was , its use a WEIGHT LOSS DROPS. And no mention of any potency ...nothing at all.

Then I bet it is a patent! No medicine can help gain or reduce weight or height without making the person ill.
Mostly it is a patent product with names of some homeopathic medicines. Usually, they do not write the original formulation, but mention some names related with obesity such as phytolacca berry, calc carb, capsicum, etc.

is that right? The original contents are different than written.


Usually, most of the companies do not disclose the secret formulations, but for the sake of getting a drug licence, writing the name of contents is mandatory.
Really?  I didn't know that!!

Hi Dr Anshita Balwani Rathore,

I know of two females taking HCG one is taking a Homeopathic version from her Naturopath here in Boise, ID and the other buys it from a gas station.  The latter is not labeled Homeopathic though.

The lady taking the Homeopathic HCG is losing a lot of hair after taking it for 6 months or so.  All that I am telling you is 2nd hand information.  She is not under my care.  Another Classical Homeopath asked me if I know anything about the proving so I am investigating.  Thanks to Debby I found out you had asked questions about it too.

I am posting this note "I am interested in any information available" before reading all the discussion. I apologize for that. I will read them now.


Very interested in learning more I will do a thorough internet search too. Thank you Debby for giving me a starting point.  Does anyone want to join in? Here are the links Debbie gave me.


Teach P.E. about drugs

WebMd Drugs and Medications

Human Growth Hormone

Working on it!

Vickie Craig


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