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Dear Members,


Welcome to the discussion of Halogen group of medicines. Let us discuss about its features, indications and please share whether any research work is being going on in this regard.

The medicines under this group are

  • Iodum
  • Bromium
  • Chlorum
  • Fluorine
  • and all their compounds


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Dr. Nilanjana these are some fact about Halogen Group.


  1. These all medicine have anti-syphilitic property and this property increase with increase in Atomic number.  
  2. Iodine is considered as basic remedy for the cure of goiter in allopathic system, but in-fact  all element of this group have the property to treat goiter and this is because of same energy level in outer most cell of these element.
  3. Radio activity of this element increase with increase in atomic number hence increase the curative power of treating the cancerous goiter. Means astatine may prove very good remedy for the cure of toxic goiter.



Dr. Nilanjana not only halogen group but other group also has such type of similarity in its therapeutic property.   


Yes they do have. Here the point of discussion is halogen. Thanks Dr.Khan for the reply. Do you have any case with halogens?
Ailments From :

Thermal Reaction:

Tendency to affect glands.
Lymphatic glands hypertrophied.
Endocrine glands affected e.g. Iodium - goitre.
Bromium - Toxic goitre. Hypo or hyper functioning of glands.
Sexual glands :- Hypo functioning and atrophy of ovaries,testes etc.
Primary / Secondary sterility. e.g.: infantile uterus ; azoospermia etc.

Hollow organs affected:
Respiratory tract,
Heart etc.

Tendency to spasms.

Spasmodic affections of respiratory tract.

Marked affinity for all mucous membranes.

Also affinity for bones & hair.
Bones – Deformities, tumors, etc.
Hair – Hairfall etc.

Highly acrid discharges :
Discharges burn the parts on which they flow Producing
Inflammation ,
then congestion ,
then ulceration ,
then malignancy.

Slow onset of disease.
Sluggish torpidity.
Therefore halogens useful in chronic diseases.

Highly irritant. Destroy fibrin present in blood, leading to haemorrhages.

Tendency to pseudo membrane formation.

Oedematous conditions. esp. cardiac dropsy.

< Night,
< Heat.
Thank you Dr. Sarswat


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