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All of us are often worried about hair and its health. It is a well known fact that health of hair is often directly related to ones own lifestyle, which encompasses food, exercise, and your daily routine.

Environment plays a vital part, and one of the most worrisome cause is  pollution. A very significant factor is stress in our lives. It has been said that stress can turn the hair white overnight, true or false, is a debatable point.

Genetics also plays its part and some grow bald fast like their fore fathers at an early age. Pregnancy, also has a part to play in a woman's crowing glory, as she sheds hair during this challenging period of her life.

Hair and its various shades vary with different races, a fact that now may not mean much to humans as they now can change the color of their hair by using the multifarious "hair color" shades now made available by the cosmetic industry. I personally think that sometimes these chemical colors can be detrimental to our health.

Homeopathy has so much to offer in looking after the general health of ones hair on day to day basis. Though one can write a treatise on hair and homeopathy, I am confining myself to just write down some medicines which can be useful for hair falling and premature graying of hair.

HAIR FALLING: Acid-flour,Phosphorous, Seleium, Acid-phos, Sepia, Zincum phos, Sulp-iod, Mezereum, Mag-carb, Sphigurus, Kali-mur, Nat- mur, Silicea, Cal-phos, Kali-sulph.

PREMATURE GRAYING: Thyroidinum, Acid-phos, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Psorinum, Wiesbaden, Pilocarpine, Acid -sulph, Ceanothus, Calc-phos, Nat-mur

Treatment should be based on totality of symptoms, Miasm, and constitution of the patient.

I would now like you to read this Yahoo news article which surfaced on the net today. It is a very informative article and worth knowing. Happy reading and your comments are welcome

Dr Wequar 

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Direct from The Yahoo article it says: "The treatment most proven to work against alopecia areata is cortisone shots delivered directly into the scalp in the spots where the hair is falling out. "If you don't get steroid injections, the circular patches will get larger and more cosmetically noticeable," says California dermatologist Raphael Darvish..."
My reply: What a pile of nonsense!!!!! Thats typical thinking from the standpoint of a dermatologist. Tunnel vision is what I call this sort of prescription. Shame on them!!!
On the other hand, a homeopath would immediately know the proper analysis to apply (miasmatic predisposed prescription of indiv remedy.) Most classical homeopaths know fully well what indicated dominant miasm heads this symptom! (syphl Miasm) To consider any cure would be to consider an anti-syphl miasmatic remedy protocol for these patients.
Gina, the more we know about the points raised by you,the more we will understand how the conventional medicine hurts us with drugs like Cortisone treatment.

Today the world is getting aware how homeopathy can come to their rescue,even for problems concerning hair health; My introduction to the subject had touched that point.Being aware is being armed.
Well GIna I have just read the article and cortisone shots to the head !! thats terrible. My Husband when I first met him had alopecia aerata. This developed over several months before I met him and in the end he shaved his head, later his eyebrows started to thin and fall, then shaving line developed the circles. I did not know him that well and he was a bit of a sceptic about homeopathy, I treated him constitutionally and within 2 months we noticed his hair coming back, I also used cell salts ( Silica ). It took a few months and then his hair started to sprout and the holes started to fill in, today ( 4 years later) everything is fine and and he has hair ! I do not know if it was the homeopathic treatment or the love of a good woman ( haha !) but at 59 he has not a grey hair on his head !!

that's great Anita

 sorry for the delay in replies (i dont get a notice when i have mail)

Care to post the Full detailed Case here at HWC?

I am sure many can learn from this

Thank you

That's impressive, Good work I will request you to please post the detail case if posssible.
Six months back I developed a ring worm type eroded patch on the right side of my head all of a sudden. I was alarmed but with patience applied  Vinca minor mixed  with olive oil. After 15 days some  growth was seen and now thank GOD and thanks to HOMEOPATHY I have all my hair back to normal.
I never expected that this blog would generate so much of useful information.Your experience with Vinca Minor will be useful information to many HWC members including  myself.

Respected Dr. Khan

WIESBEDON-30 : A wonderfull medicine for the treatment of Falling Hair due to Poor health & personal care, a very common problem now a days. I treated several cases from yhis medicine...

I have often found Carbo veg useful for hair falling after severe acute illness, partcularly after Typhoid and Jaundice.


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