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Hahnemannian Textbook of Classical Homoeopathy for the Professional (Hahnemann Revisited) - Dr. Luc De Schepper

This Book has covered almost all the aspects of Homoeopathy in which the Author explains each and every concepts in the view point Dr.Hahnemann and the practical applications of the Laws and Principles of Homoeopathy.

The author also added his clinical experiences as a useful clinical tips.

This is a Classical Homoeopathic Textbook, Which should be read by all the Students and Practitioners of Homoeopathy

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Also, here Dr.Luc has given all practical guidance to follow classical prescribing as according to 5th or 6th editions of organon. He emphasizes the superiority of water dosing, both centesimal and LM potencies, the latest development that Hahnemann successfully ventured.
Dear Charuvahan,

Great!!! you were able to get Dr.Luc text "Hahnemannian text book of classical homeopathy for professionals" in India. Wow...

Yes as Prema mentioned we like/implement Dr.Luc methodology and guideliness.

Best wishes,
Dear kavitha Kukunoor,
Many thanks for your comments madam.

We through our Homoeo Academe Study circle, we have introduced Dr. Luc's books to most of the students and practitioners, each and every one is amazing with it and are more satisfied.
i hope we do more in future.
We are also doing the Group study of the two books.

According to me, it is must that every homoeopath should read his books.

And I hope, His next book Advanced guide for the proffessionals Will also be get released by the end of the year in India


Do visit our website:
You can say it is one of the best .One can learn a lot from this.


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