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Nelson's Natural World introduces us to guilt in our lives.


What is Guilt?
Guilt is an emotional experience associated with feeling responsible for some kind of wrong-doing. Most people tend to scrutinize themselves against an internally established code of conduct and can feel guilt for something said, done or even thought. In fact, feelings of guilt can act as our inner morality compass by alerting us to the fact that our thoughts, words or actions are in conflict with what we know to be morally right.


Healthy Guilt

You can see how guilt can be effective in stopping inappropriate behavior. You know that feeling when you hear your mother, father or teacher telling or warning you about how to behave in a particular setting? We may consider that a person has a guilty conscious if they want to go ahead or even they do act against their better judgement.

Guilt That Lingers

What happens when people feel this sense of guilt even when not doing anything inappropriate? They may blame themselves for other people’s mistakes and for anything that goes wrong in their own lives or the lives of their loved ones. People who suffer from a "guilt complex" that is not based on any actual wrong-doing may end up feeling unhappy most of the time. 


Questions You May Ask Yourself To Check Your Guilt Level

  • Do you blame yourself for other people’s mistakes?
  • Do you feel undeserving and unworthy?
  • Do colleagues and friends say that you are overly apologetic?
  • Do you apologize for being ill?
  • Do you sometimes think that you deserve illness, pain or hard times?

Ways To Improve Self Worth And Reduce Guilt

  • Notice when you have this feeling of guilt and ask yourself some questions to check if this is or is not an appropriate reaction to a set of circumstances. 
  • We usually consider 'self-talk' that monkey mind laying on the guilt. Push the button on that little conversation that replays in your mind. Stop the loop.  
  • What to say? When guilt is not a logical response to a situation, create that self awareness to pull yourself out. Shake your head or hands. Do something physical to change the engrained response. 
  • What if you really did make an error in judgement? Will guilt improve the situation or make everything better? If not, then we need to find a better way to resolve the problem. 
  • Forgiveness is a major life lesson, not only that you give to others, but we give to ourselves. Once we recognize the mistake, we must correct it and make an effort not to repeat the mistake. That's the best we can do. 
  • Practice makes perfect. Each time we stop and recognize the feeling of guilt, shake it off, give ourselves a boost up, make corrections and tell ourselves we can do better next time, we will feel better about ourselves. 
  • Go through a list of appropriate actions and responses we do all day long that amount to improving our self worth. These successful moments amount to positive reinforcement to the value we give to our loved ones, friends and to our self. 
  • Get help. When we feel down, we must tell someone in order to rebound and get support. We all need each other and we don't live in a bubble. A huge life lesson for most of us includes learning to ask for help when we need it. 
  • Finally, create a meditative space to relax and reduce stress. Repeat consciously your positive intentions. HWC provides many meditations and healing words and thoughts to support you on your way.

Homoeopathic Remedies

(1) Aurum Metallicum | Deepest remedy for guilt.
Feelings of guilt will drive them to suicide. Guilt coupled
with religious affectation. Guilt that they have wasted their
life. 'Sinned away their day of grace'. Related to salvation.
being punished by God. No one can help you- leads to
despair, suicidal depression.

(2) Ignatia | Guilt plus conflict. Revolves around making a
wrong decision. Feels that they have made a wrong decision.
Abortion-feels a tremendous conflict. A deep haunting guilt.

(3) Hyoscyamus | Religious guilt. they will be punished for

(4) Natrum Muriaticum | A major remedy for guilt. Very
deep sense of guilt. Related to behavior and sex. Masturbation,
erotic dreams. They will go into a monastery because of
guilt. Wants to make amends. " I didn't do enough" for a
relationship or " I could have done more" after someone has
died. Dwelling on the past.

(5) Pulsatilla Nigrans | A lighter type of guilt. Feels everything
is their fault. Weeps with guilt. Programmed to feel that when
something goes wrong it is their fault.

(6) Staphysagria| Unforgivable guilt. The hierarchy of guilt.
Aurum-Staphysagria-Natrum Muriaticum. Very deep guilt,
very apologetic. Always trying to make amends. Everything
is their fault. Guilt coupled with worthlessness. High sexual
desire, deep sexual conflicts.

(7) Thuja | Sexual guilt, secretive, in the closet. Feels guilty
all the time. Guilty about their basic instincts they are dirty
and sinful. A bad person, who is evil, sinned, ugly, impure,
feels ugly inside.

(8) Veratum Album | Religious insanity with delusions.
Similar to Hyoscyamus. (Aurum is more down to earth).
Someone is out to get them. Persecution. Main remedy
for insanity. They think they are some religious figure.

(9) Anacardium Orientale | Religious delusions of negative
and positive selves fighting each other. Guilt about the
actions of their negative self. A Schizophrenic remedy.
They have been possessed by an evil spirit that makes
them do things. Then it's the good side that suffers all
the guilt. Anger with violence then a sweet side.

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Sir very good and necessory topic to learn. Thanks with regards....

Dr Sharma,

                  Thanks for comment.

A nice presentation Dr. Saraswat, it remind me of a national conference held in year 2007 at New Delhi where I gave my speech and presentation on a topic 'Grappling with Guilt'.

Along with these medicines, I included some more...

  • Apis: These persons try to be kind, to behave in an obliging, even cordial manner. It is only when they are irritated that they will rage. Then they will suddenly explode and say things that can really hurt another person. But Apis suffers so much after the rage has passed. They feel guilty about the words they used to abuse the other person.
  • Bismuthums are frequently needed in patients where someone near has committed suicide. The suicide of a relative or friend leads to deep thought of guilt. They feel responsible (Gold series), thinking about what they could have done to prevent it. The feelings of guilt can also go one stage deeper. They start to feel not only that they didn’t prevent the suicide, but they even killed the relative. This can arise after having had a quarrel, of having hurt the relative some way. Or after they have had bad thoughts about that relative, especially wishing him dead. The wish is then seen as the cause.
  • Carcinosin: is crippled by failure to live up to the expectations of family or society. Carcinosin is overwhelmed by feelings that he has let down his family by his failure.



The best antidote to GUILT: Try to transform: the lack of self-confidence, ignorance and mental "paralysis" 
with: purification, forgiving oneself, love and compassion for oneself, equanimity, openness, reality check with others and wisdom into: action, fearlessness and self-confidence.

If we refer Synoptic key, it provides only one rubric

Mind, remorse, sense of guilt :

Ars., Chel., Cocc., Croc., Dig., Hyo., Med., Ver-a.

Thanks Dr Navneet Bindani for your valuable comment.
Thanks Dr Sushil,


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