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My Dear Miss Sneeze

My dear miss Sneeze

I find it painfully clear

that you need many blessings

to heal these sneezes my dear

You have not indicated at all

when your sneezes seem to come

in spring, winter, summer or fall

please don't look quite so glum

Don't hesitate to give us a call

with these paroxysmal bouts and fits

sometimes when walking in the hall

violent or timid get your remedy kits

Wondering if you have watery eyes

with coughs and sun sneezes too

all these symptoms and little cries

I'm sure sometimes it makes you blue

Does your chest hurt badly

from chronic sneezing feeling lame

and you end up holding so sadly

your rib cage to ease the pain?

Do these exhortations stifle

prevent you from breathing

or catching your breath a trifle

can you feel your chest heaving?

Are you simply losing control of all

tension in your sphincters muscles

your tone lost you're not looking so tall

In this season of hustles and bustles

What is that a bit of wheezing,

whistling and coughing, too

These things so sneak up on you

Or simply that tickling ah, ah, Ah--Choooo!


Was this catching from shaking hands

or smelling the roses and the plants

this bouncing around like rubber bands

I wonder if that remedy made of ants?

Were those chemicals

spread on the lawn,

did you sneeze

from dust until dawn?

In Kent on page 104

we find Head vertigo

and what's more

sneezing remedies galore

Baryta carb

benzoic acid

nux vomica

senega officinalis

Oh my Lord

Have we got remedies

I haven't counted

The nose has plenty

Those in black

make your head spin

From arsenicum, bryonia,

down to sulphur, you win

The little ones

please don't forget

aconite, aesculus

taraxicum and teucrium

The hands on the clock

wind up and around

stop and point to see

what turns out

Two o'clock in the morning


Five o'clock next niccolum

and wake up with sepia

The afternoon timing lists

but three little drugs

badiaga sponge cherry laurel

fluoric acid I'll give you no hugs

My favorite of all

the strange rare and peculiar

the darling of remedies

silica not thuja

For brushing your hair

like the dickens you sneeze

thuja is listed by

but more like a tease

Have you ever heard

of ineffectual efforts

kind of a sneeze of sorts

Surprise and amaze

spying those shining doo-dads

one remedy listed lyssinum

fears please check are you mad?

For those who sleep

Baryta-mur, nitric-acid to be sure

and sneeze at the same time

maybe Pulsatilla will be the cure

Sneezing and can't talk

who can imagine that

rhus toxicondron don't balk

You're not sneezing from the cat

I hope this helped

those frequent occasions

It's painful to listen again

to your ailment abrasions

And last but not least

I leave you with this one

sabadilla for worms I know

it hasn't been fun


What surprises me the most is the number of people who watch these videos into the multiples of thousands. And people find them sexy, to boot!

God Bless You!

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very nice explanation

Thank you for letting me know you read this blog.


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