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Under Gnaphalium, William Boericke says, “pain in joints as if they lacked oil.” I humbly suggest my friends to try Gnaphalium for cases of joint troubles due to less production of synovial fluid. Lets try to experiment the concept of pathological simillimum!

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Synovial fluid may be classified into normal, noninflammatory, inflammatory, septic, and hemorrhagic.

Here William Boericke says, “pain in joints as if they lacked oil.” I think he meant noninflammatory reduction as is seen in following clinical conditions like, osteoarthritis stage 1 and 2, trauma and NEUROPATHIC ARTHROPATHY common in diabetes and sciatica. 

I am in and I am going to try and report back to you.

Thanks God that we are realizing the importance of pathological similimum.It will definitely widen the scope of homeopathy in clinical practice particularly when the guiding symptoms are absent or the patient is unable to communicate properly.
Good point to experiment. It may be applicable more in geriatric cases,where this problem seems to be more pronounced;
Thank you all for the comments. Eagerly waiting for the feedback!
Lilum Tig is also mentioned in complete repertory for this purpose.
Thanks for that additional information.
Dear Dr Rafeeque, I have often heard patients say that their knees felt as if 'bone upon bone' rubbing together. There being no cushion left to prevent the crunching and grinding. Would this gnapthalinum be appropriate in such a case? The alternative for these people consists of surgery.
Dear Debby, Rubbing of bones upon bones due to synovial fluid involvement is there in Nat Phos. So it can also be thought in those cases.
You mean biochemic preparation or potencies? For joint nodosities, it works. Let me try the same for lack of synovial fluid. Thanks.
Yes, we can try. There is one more sensation, "vertebra rubbing each other," ant tart and sulph are the remedies. We can also consider this!

As far as the pathological similimum is concerned, there was a divide from the time of Hahnemann.Some were of the opinion, that though Homeopathic medicines can cure pathology, yet the selection must be based on totality of the symptoms.

At the same time, we can't ignore the findings , like Gnaphalium, for the case of joint troubles due to less production of synovial fluid.We must give it a sincere try and find the result and analyse the same.

I will like to quote Dr. H. C. Allen, in this context:

A clinical symptom when it has been verified a number of times, for anything I can see to the contrary, is to all intents and purposes as good as the best proved symptom in the world.

You are right Dr.Bahl Individualisation is must for every case if we want to give cure to our patient. But to give relief in acute and some chronic complaints Clinically verified symptoms often play a vital role.


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