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BREAKING NEWS: Is Genetically Modified Corn Toxic?
  • The study found that three strains of modded crops -- MON 810 and MON 863, which are resistant to pests, and NK 603, which is foritified to withstand weed killer -- significantly disrupted the blood chemistry of rats who ate them. According to an article in New Scientist:

    With each of the three strains of maize, researchers say they found unusual concentrations of hormones and other compounds in the blood and urine of the tested rats, suggesting each strain impaired kidney and liver function. By the end of the trials, the female rats that were fed MON 863 had elevated blood-sugar levels and raised concentrations of fatty substances called triglycerides. Both are potential precursors of diabetes, according to [lead author Gilles-Eric Séralini of the University of Caen in France].
  • "What we've shown is clearly not proof of toxicity, but signs of toxicity," says Seralini. "I'm sure there's no acute toxicity, but who's to say there are no chronic effects?"

    The researchers are suggesting that if the GM corn has the same affect in humans that is does in rats, we're unknowingly taxing our kidneys and livers, and probably raising the risk of damaging those organs.
  • But as is often the case in these type of reports, the conclusions aren't terribly convincing. For one, the effects are barely statistically significant, and the article goes on to say that independent toxicologists who saw the paper said Seralini was reading too much into the results.


Don't Let Obama Put GMO Boosters in Charge of Food Safety! By Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq. Organic Consumers Association, July 22, 2009

Straight to the Source

Genetically modified foods are not safe. The only reason they're in our food supply is because government bureaucrats with ties to industry suppressed or manipulated scientific research and deprived consumers of the information they need to make informed choices about whether or not to eat genetically modified foods.

Obama Administration appointees.
Former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor has been appointed as a senior adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on food safety.
Hagan as Under-Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety: Elisabeth Hagen, who currently holds the position of USDA chief medical officer, where she serves as an advisor to USDA on human health issues. Prior to that she was with USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service where she worked on public health. Hagen was a practicing physician before coming to the USDA. She is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a board certified expert in infectious disease.

Please click here to send a message to President Obama, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (oversees FDA) demanding Michael Taylor's resignation.

1. Write to your elected officials
2. Write a letter to the editor in your local papers
3. Write a blog
4. Tell others via the social network systems
5. Do a neighborhood talk
6. Call your food stores who also create local newsletters

(NaturalNews) A report published in the International Journal of Microbiology has verified once again that Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) crops are causing severe health problems. A legal challenge issued against Monsanto forced the multi-national agriculture giant to release raw data revealing that animals fed its patented GM corn suffered liver and kidney damage within just three months.


Other News:

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Dennis Wolff, Pennsylvania’s outgoing secretary of agriculture joins the partnership at the lobbying firm of Versant Strategies. He had announced his resignation in August.


rBGH-using dairy farmer and Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff spearheaded anti-consumer legislation in Pennsylvania that would have taken away the rights of consumers to know whether their milk and dairy products were contaminated with Monsanto's (now Eli Lilly's) genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

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