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Tingling, Coldness and Numbness - Aconite
Fullness in varius parts - Aesculus
Nervous hypersensitiveness, numbness of single parts - Ambra Grisea
Heaviness in all organs - Ammonium Carb
Sensation of plug and band - Anacordium Orientale
Excessive irritability and fretfulness - Antim crud
Drownsiness, debility, sweat, chills and contractions - Antim tart
Oedema and constricted sensations - Api smel
Trembling in affected parts - Arg nit
Sore, lame, bruised feeling - Arnica
Irritable weakness, restlessness and great exhaustion - Ars alb
Great muscular sorenes - Baptisia
No anxiety (or) fear - Bell
Rapid change of symptoms and radiating pains - Berb Vulgaris
Stitching, tearing pains - Bryonia
Coldness of single parts. - Caladium
Raw, burning pains - Cantharis
Pain unendurable with numbers. - Chamomilla
Pain in shocks. -Cina
Sensation as if clamped with iron bands. - Colocynth
Weakness of body and mind. - Conium
Great deal of bone pain. - Eupatorium perfoliatum
Oversensitiveness & weakness. - Ferrum met
Dizziness, dullness, drowsiness and trembling, musclar weakness -
Sensation of pulsation throughout the body. - Glonoine
Sensation as if wind were blowingg in some part & great sensitiveness
to all impressions. - Hep Sulph
Tremulous weakness & twitching of tendons. - Hyosyamus
Great debility. - Iodum
Pains migrate quickly. - Kali bich
Pains from within out and stinging character. - Kali carb
Pain shoot downwards with numbness. - Kalmia latifolia
Erratic pains, alternating sides. - Lac canium
Sensation of tension in various parts. - Lachesis
Neuralgia - Mag phos
Trembling all over - Medorohinum
Tremors everywhere - Mercurius
Pains of various kinds with chilliness & sensitiveness to cold air. -
Coldness, great weariness and weakness. - Nat mur
Pain as from splinters, sticking pains. - Nitric acid
Extreme dryness of mucous membranes, drowsiness. - Nuxvom
Painless, heaviness. - Opium
Pain in spots and periodical remissioss. - Oxalic acid
Suddenness of symptoms & neurasthenia. - Phos
Neurasthenia - Picric acid
Numbers and colness. - Platina
Constrictive sensation in the internal parts. - Plumbum met
Thirstless, Peevish and chilly. - Pulsatilla
Tearing asunder pains. - Rhustox
Feeling of intense lassitude, weakness & despair - Ruta
Pain from sacrum to pubis. - Sabina
Debility, anxiety & emaciation though appetite & thirst may be excessive. - Secale Cor
Great debility. - Selenium
Very sensitive to touch, parts feel chilly. - Spigelia
Pain from below up, extend down to back, chills easily - Sepia
Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slightest exertion. - Spongia
Very sensitive. - Staphysagria
Burning, sinking feeling at stomath at 11 p.m. - Sulpur
Vomiting, purging and crampss in extremities with cold perspiration. - Verb. alb

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Thank u so much for this compilation. It is useful for practice.
very good.
one error, may be in typing-extreme dryness of mucus membranes and drowsiness-is NUX MOSCHATA instead of Nux vom

Sensations are subjective symptoms and it is necessary to know the causation. I remember a case of a patient who's  sensation was of a plug and clinical examination revealed cancer. Whenever possible we should investigate to find the correct remedy.In this case Anacardium cannot be of any help.


No where Hahnemann said that we should rely entirely on subjective symptoms  and should not investigate thoroughly.Being a doctor it is our duty to know all about the disease the patient is suffering from.


Dear Members

this pointers are more like key notes. There usefulness is to look into those remedies in a given situation and to compare the rest of the symptoms. sometimes the remedy is really what we are looking for, more often so not in my experience.

It is better to do a proper repertorisation and to consider a few remedies for comparison.

Of course, comparison is needed with close running remedies. When the drug given in the keynote is present among the list of drugs in the repertory chart, its value is increased.
We need to check it in the provings, -- often entries in the rubrics were taken from Key notes, and if the keynote was wrong, then the entry is wrong too --
Our materia medica is actually a combination of words of provers and famous homeopaths, and even toxicological datas!
Excellent work once again, Thanks for such a informative compilation.
Thanks all members, who comment on this blog.


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