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Science has advanced with time. New ways of treating diseases are being researched and developed.

We have, organ transplant, stem cell therapy, bone marrow transplant, platelets treatment, Prolo therapy and the list goes on. To add to that now organs are grown, rather tailor made to your own requirements, in Laboratory atmosphere.Now comes something new " Gene creates " Biological Pace maker". This news is being reproduced from Miami Herald of 17th July 2014. Originally in Scientific America, an in-depth article may be read.

By injecting a gene into a pig's heart, scientists created a "biological pacemaker" that can regulate heartbeats, an achievement that eventually may lead to an alternative to electronic pacemakers in some people. 

"The method relies on a virus to insert the gene into the heart cells, and although this virus cannot replicate itself or integrate into the genome, the pig experiments showed that a small amount of virus did end up in other organs in the animals besides the heart . . ."

The technique also may prove to be promising example of gene therapy, which so far has shown glimmers of success in just a few other conditions.   

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Dear Khan Shahib,

 season's greetings,

 what you have realized now; I have been understood decades before. seeing your interest, I am loading a full chapter of my text 'PREAMBLE' (Ver. 2.0) for you perusal.



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