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Male age  40, had been suffering since his teen years. He could not tolerate cold (carbonated) drinks which would bring on an immediate flatulence with borborygmus noises and distension. Food especially beef could not be digested and often would bring in distress.Tea would also cause problems of the same sort. In addition had also complained of nervous flatulence while in social gatherings.

Now the usual remedies of homeopathy were tried and got little or next to nill results. (Carbo veg, Lycopodium and China).

Tried Pepsinum 1m some doses repeated over a period of 3 to 4 days got me a lucky cure. Months gone and no more cold drinks, beef or tea aggravations.

FROM A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL, MATERIA MEDICA, By John Henry CLARKE,  M.D., Presented by Médi-T ® Pepsinum |  A proteolytic ferment found in the gastric juice. The Pepsin in general use is extracted from the stomach of the pig.

[Alcohol,  tannin,  and the alkaline carbonates destroy its power. It is prepared in granular form or in glycerinated extract for general use. Homœopathic attenuations maybe made by triturating the secretory layer of a fresh pig's-stomach; by triturating the granular Pepsin with sugar of milk; or by making the lower attenuations of the liquid extracts with distilled water.]


Characteristics.─Pepsin. has been supposed to act purely as a digestive,  but recent discoveries in regard to the action of the sarcodes makes this now scarcely tenable. Pepsin. may digest the contents of the stomach; but,  like the secretions of other glands,  it will in all probability act also,  by its specific affinity,  on the secretory tissues of the stomach itself.

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Where do u get these remedies

What are the leading symptoms to apply this remedy.


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