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The Future Digital Medicine VSCAN Medical Practice Via Mobile Device

What is your opinion of the future of medicine utilizing continuous digital cellphone diagnostics.



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It appears there will be an incredible number of benefits for patients and physicians using technology on the cell-phone. The applications available make the cell phone more than a tiny computer, they turn into a miniature remote clinical office at a reduced cost.

The VSCAN device was awarded the grand prize in health innovations and many predict they will become ubiquitous, since everyone carries a cellular device to communicate with family, friends, colleagues in work and at school.

This affordable device and the many medical 'applications' will change the cost and methods of diagnostic testing.

“Trauma doctors have a saying: Time is blood. The quicker a physician can identify an injury or disease, the better the patient’s chances of survival.

Ultrasound can show doctors a patient’s beating heart or blood flowing through a kidney, and now the Vscan, just a bit larger than a smartphone, puts the tool in every doctor’s lab coat….”

“The Vscan is already allowing emergency medics to assess internal injuries on the way to the hospital. And doctors can take a quick look at a person’s heart murmur within minutes, rather than waiting hours or days for an appointment with an ultrasound technician. The Vscan could soon become as ubiquitous as the stethoscope.”

Whatever we can imagine can be created. Now that you know about this hardward and software, would you want to be hooked up and in what situations?

Would you be willing to be tested if you have concerns about your health, your heart, or the function of any organs?

Are you feeling safe to broadcast your personal data over the wireless device, or does it matter, since we are talking about your health?

Can such a device bring you a sense of security and calm, knowing you are monitored and someone checks up on your readings?

For other people, might these devices cause higher anxiety every time there is a blip on the screen?

For those aware of quantum physics and the spiritual aspect of life and health, do you feel that "third" party changes the potential outcome of the data? Will that bode well for some and not so well for others?

The test of time will tell us some answers and that may be decades into the future.


The Smartphone Physical: Checkup of the Future? 

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Yes 21St century is here.If VSCAN can do so much now,i wonder whats coming in next 10 years.The learned doctor has said it rightly that one third of the billions spent on drugs and lab test are a sure waste.Modern technology will be changing all this in near future.Will all this benefit the average person?

It remains to be seen what the third world countries would be doing to match all this with poor resources and corruption rampant there in.

Its time that smart phone applications pertaining to homeopathy be explored,in terms of homeopathic medicines and its application for at least acute prescribing and its first aid application in trauma condition.I personally see this coming on the horizon sooner than later. 

Such a technology I believe will soon be a reality and its a welcome step! Again a wonderful marriage between technology and Medicine!


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