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Funding A Repertory and Materia Medica For Blind People

A letter about a Canadian homeopathic blind student with a dream.

Dear homeopathic colleagues and friends,

My name is Mokhtar Akbari. I am a homeopath and the administrator at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy in Ottawa, Canada. I am contacting you to ask for a small gesture on your part that would mean a lot to one of our students. Ms. Kristina Kolley is a second year student in our Homeopathy Program. She is blind but has managed to overcome every obstacle in her pursuit to follow her passion of becoming a licensed professional homeopath.

She has been doing great in our program but is now faced with the major challenge of getting access to more advanced repertory and materia medica software. To do this, she needs to pay a software developer to write special coding to make professional homeopathic software accessible to her and other blind people. Software such as Mac Repertory, Reference Works, RadarOpus are not currently accessible to blind individuals.

To our knowledge, there does not yet exist a homeopathic software that is accessible in this way. So this is a first and Ms. Kolley has the trailblazing spirit to see this project through. She has been working with a software developer in the UK and they have set-up the steps needed to write the code to make one of these software accessible. Her first goal is to make Mac Repertory and Reference Works software blind-accessible. The project is ready to get started but needs help with funding in order to see the light of day.

Please help us start making homeopathic software accessible to those blind individuals like Ms. Kolley who have a passion for healing and who wish to study the beautiful science and art of homeopathy. You can do this by donating to her crowd-funding campaign at 

Twitter: @homeopathyphile
hashtag #accessiblehomeopathicsoftware


Ms. Kristina Kolley may be reached at

Read this interview with Ms. Kolley by Synergy Homeopathic: 

You may share this message with fellow members of the homeopathic community, as well as friends and family members who might be interested to make a contribution to this worthy cause.

With sincere appreciation,

Mokhtar Akbari, Homeopath
Administrator and Faculty Member, 
Ottawa College of Homeopathy

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Indeed a novel approach, and i wish it well.Mr Mokhtar thanks for bringing the subject to our notice on HWC.. With your appeal we hope to garner some support from software developers (homeopathy) all over;

I talked to a homeopath on this unique subject; and i was sorry to have broached the subject to him. The reply was simple  "who has time and the money"?

It seems that, in today's world you have no right to exist if  you can not back up your dreams without money.Even to "dream" you have to have $$$$$$$$$$;;

There are some people who are open to helping others no matter the cost. They dream they aspire, they reach further and do the impossible. There are others who don't even want to try. 


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