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Would you like to see more integrative care in your local hospital?
Please Vote Here
62 people have voted with 56% saying "no"

Do you agree? Would you like to see more alternative integrative medicine provided in the hospital? For example, you are going in for surgery. What would you think of hypnosis or acupuncture to relax you and perhaps lessen the need for massive anesthesia? What if homeopathy were offered after surgery to reduce bruising, bleeding and nausea? [arnica and phosphorus] What about arnica for concussion or falls reducing the need for more drastic measures? Can physicians take the wait and see attitude for a short period of time while patients are sitting in the waiting room for hours on end? Please vote, rate up and comment!

In an article by Val Young, Integrated Healthcare , she also believes that all complementary therapists should now join together to promote Freedom of Choice for Integrated Healthcare. The key method is to get the public to speak out. That means practitioners must contact the public and ask for support. Val tells us that, "NHS in the UK is now patient-led, so it is the public who can drive forward for a better healthcare system that will take the mind body connection into account when treating patients." I agree whole-heartedly.

Visit Val's website website and help her make TLC into a national and international organisation.

Gina has repeatedly presented material that speaks to us about Freedom of Choice in Healthcare.

  • Food Safety Enhancement Bill (HR 2749) and Monsanto Here is what Gina tells us. The bill is on a fast track for Senate and Presidential approval. If it becomes law as written, this combination of a corrupt Food Czar and misleadingly named Food Safety Bill threatens to take out the food that is medicine and leave us with the food that is poison.

    Food security is achieved by becoming as self-sufficient as possible in food production. Lessening the regulatory burden on small farms and local artisanal producers will improve both food security and food safety. If the FSEA is implemented, many small producers will not have the economies of scale to be able to comply with its onerous requirements.

    The Food Safety Enhancement Act needs to be defeated. Any food safety bill should target industrial food processors and imports while leaving the local food system alone. Readers need to contact their Representatives to urge them to oppose the bill. To contact legislators by zip code, use the finder tool at or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.
  • Laura Murphy first gave us this alert message: HOMOEOPATHY ACTION ALERT -SERIOUS ATTACK ON HOMOEOPATHY on August 27, 2009
  • We receive these messages, but at this time, do not have an organized method to addressing each attack. The only thing we can do is person by person. Each of us can post our personal opinions and comment, rate and vote every where on the internet that provides these opportunities. Petitions Abound, as in this example against the present swine flu vaccination: Vaccination Petitions With Information

    I personally do not feel that they make that big of an impact unless they accumulate a multiple thousands of signatures. However, they do publicize a particular issue, so that they are not totally ineffective. i just don't know how much they change legislation.

    The way to change laws are to write letters and direct emails to your representatives and officials in powerful positions.

    We can see the effects of viral news spreading everywhere on the in... As posted on Natural News: Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law

    It is interesting to see how the traditional media deals with these kinds of massive public opinions. The dramatic graphs and numbers tell the story. A whopping number of people refuse to take the swine flu vaccination, and even more surprising medical professionals also have a very high negative response.

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