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I am new to networking and fresh out in to the wonderful world of Homeopathic practise. After the initial appointment and prescription, do you plan a follow up appointment with the patient there and then or do you wait to hear from them? My learning is that follow up appointments be made at the end of each appointment, however, this does not always feel appropriate in terms of me not wishing to create a state of dependency. Your opinions will be welcomed, thank you in eager anticipation.....................

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Follow up appt is mentioned immed when the patient is in the office.(or with first phone consultation when they ask my fee)
I state this once again when I send the remedies to the patient.Their
Intructions for dosing and dispensing sheet also includes a need for follow up.
So in my case I do mention it often with each patient.
Do these patients always follow your advice/directions/suggestions? NO,they do not.
There is only so much one can do to 'make someone come in the office for a follow up'.
Thank you for this Gina. Looks like I am doing all that I can at this time.
Thanks again Gina
Good question. It is imperative to determine the follow up appointment and show professionalism, rather than dependency. The homeopath wants to listen to the response of the remedy and make adjustments as necessary. The client should know that they are being cared for during the treatment period. If the remedy is working properly you will know and the client will show gratitude. Independence will follow when the client is well in mind, body and spirit.
Thank you Debby, and we can not ascertain whether the individual is doing well unless we carry out a follow up appointment. Thanks for helping me make some links.
Hi Kay
More times than not-
you do find patients NOT making their follow up appts. Because they are cured-
they think "why spend the money on a follow up if I am better?"
Homeopathy works in many subtle ways often patients can't remember being sick."the symptoms just disapeared''.............They forget they had a problem in the firstplace.
One of my extreme cases is a good example:
I will just keep out the details,but here is the gist of it-
Female suffered extreme hardships/physical/mental/emotional grief+trauma in 1975 had to run away from a wartime situation as her family and her life were in danger.I saw her just a few years ago for a complete casetaking-trying to help her with not only the physical manifestations of this trauma but the long term mental caos locked in her body.
It took only one visit with me- I prescribed to correct well indicated remedy that fit her Constitution. She was 100% cured.
I never saw her again!
Years went by-nothing.
I heard through her "friends" that she recovered so well from her trauma- using homeopathy that she needed no more consultations.
I was overjoyed!
The miracles of homeopathy!
Hi Gina, thank you for your example, this is kind of the situation I find myself in right now, my patient in question has not returned for a follow up this week after a very positive consultation + prescription, 4 weeks ago. I must wish her well until our paths cross again!
Follow ups are important for us especially with new patients. I am now offering a free follow up consult, as I find that new patients are reluctant to take time off work & pay for a 2nd consult , to acertain reaction to the remedy, when they are used to taking allopathic medication & just going back to the pharmacist when something doesnt "work" in their opinion.

I have recently used this time to try (try, I say!) to educate about the disadvantages of suppressing skin conditions. The patient has a choice to come in for a free shorter visit rather than communicate by email or phone.

I think this is fair, rather than lose a patient who has no idea of how homeopathy works - of our principles of prescribing, laws of cure, & the effort that goes into analysing a case.
Many thanks Anne. Particularly for the patient perspective that you speak of, I smile at myself because I understand and often consider that my thinking is Universal, but as you state here with the pt reluctance to spend the time AND money on a follow up (for those who have little or no understanding of Hom) is a big ask ! No different to me before I began my Homeopathic journey, which actually started with my commitment to get well and Homeopathy was my assist, if we commit to being well one would think that commiting to treatment for however long would come too, but alas it does not, so many people have a comfortable relationship with their dis-ease for their own personal reasons, and the shift can be scary. I would love to be a "fly on the wall" in a patients home after their first appointment, when they go home and speak to their family about their experience. I say patient education on the fundamentals of Homeopathy (for those who want/ need to know anyway!)................


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