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Any disease whether there is a growth of any kind or not in any individual is always the result of dynamic disturbance of the life energy which animates the physical body. To restore the natural health of that individual his dynamic disturbance must first be restored to the normal healthy state. This restoration can only be done by the dynamic energy of a specific medicinal substance possessing dynamic powers similar to the personality of the dynamic disturbance. It is a usual practice to remove the growths and formations by surgery without restoring the dynamic life force. But, unless the dynamic disturbance is remedied any surgery proves futile. The disease supposed to be of surgical nature generally relapses with complications some time after surgery. But proper homoeopathic treatment, if given before surgery, often removes the growths or formations caused by some dynamic disturbance of life force, thus preventing unnecessary surgery and restoring the natural state of health in most of the cases. In case the growth or formation still remains after proper homoeopathic treatment the surgical treatment will prove permanent. The following case is one of such examples.


Patient: A 30 years old lady.

First consultation: 16th May, 2015.

History of the case:

  • The lady was suffering from a Y shaped fistula in her Perirectal region for the past two years.
  • It has once been treated surgically in February, 2015 yet the sinus was discharging purulent and sanious matter.
  • It was painful and very distressing to the patient.
  • It sometimes remains dry for some time then gathers and inflames and starts discharging again.
  • For the past about five years the patient was suffering from leucorrhoea also.

Fistulogram/SinogramStudy on 17th January, 2015:

Interpretation – There is a Y shaped approximately 3 cm. long tract seen extending from the skin surface, directed anteriorly and cranially.

No communication with the rectum is demonstrated.  

See photo copy of the Fistulogram/Sinogram Study:

On 16th May, 2015 the treatment was started with Silicea 200, one dose once in two days.

By homoeopathic treatment gradual improvement set in promptly.

 From 26th June, 2015 a dose of Silicea 1 M once in a fortnight and Ferrum iodatum 30 was also given inter-currently. As she was feeling a peculiar sensation in her anus as if something twisted and turned, like a screw upward and downward.

Gradually the discharge of pus was stopped and the sinus was closed. But a small papule continued to form occasionally at the site of the opening of the fistula with slight pain which used to burst, discharging a little pus and closing again. By and by the interval between formation of the papule increased and the discharge from it reduced. Finally by 15th June, 2016 the whole trouble completely finished.

Leucorrhoea was also cured.

She visited the clinic on 27th March 2017 for some other complaint. There is no slightest relapse during the past one year. She is happy now that the old trouble has not yet relapsed.

Unless the disease appeared from the dynamic cause is cured dynamically surgery always proves futile because the disease returns either in the same form or in some changed form.

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