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Age                                    41 Years                                       

Sex                                    Female                                          

Occupation                         Housewife



  1. Dyspepsia – about 8 years old, after eating fatty object, about half an hour after eating the food.
  2. Pain – in the middle of back. Worse after eating.
  3. Breast discomfort – before menses, complaint start from second delivery. About 21 years old complaint.
  4. Swelling – Whole over the body – Associated with joint pain in all joint.
  5. Constipation – not urging 3to 4 days.
  6. Stool hard
  7. Gallstone -

Medical history

All complaint after marriage-

Operation to prevent child birth




Personal history

Menarche – at 14 years

Bleeding – days


Issue – two sons

Marriage – at 16 years


Brning in urine at the time of First pregnancy

Complaint of nausea and vomiting at the time of first pregnancy



Hot patient

Complaint due to take cold


Appetite – N.A.D

Thirst – Large quantity at long interval

Dryness of mouth



  1.  Gallstone
  2.  Dyspepsia
  3.  Swelling in the abdomen
  4.  Swelling whole over the body
  5.  Pain in joint mostly on knee
  6.  Constipation – not urging upto 3 to 4 days
  7.  Stool – hard
  8.  Thirst – large quantity long interval, mostly at night.
  9.  All complaint worse after eating especially of stomach
  10.  Desire for open air

Story of the case- 

According to statement of my patients she is completely healthy until she got marriage. After marriage she pregnant and feel burning during urination at the time of first pregnancy. Within one year she become again pregnant both delivery is normal at the time of last delivery, she operated for prevention of child birth, at the age of 25 years. All complaint begins after this operative procedure. .   

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To me it looks like Bry.


Others are sul and sep.



Please Suggest single remedy, and also mention its base, it is artistic prescription or prescription with the help of Repertory with Rubric. 

Dr Habib,

I always keep the proof.

Best regards,


sir this patient have the complaint of "BREAST DISCOMFORT"  most old and persistent complaint is this not a part of sick image, if not so why. (see chief comlaint, complaint N. 3)
Dear Khan sahib,
Breast discomfort is a general symptom. What kind of discomfort is there? What are the sensations and modalities? You also missed breast discomfort in numerical totality.

If you read our old reliable books like Materia Medica pura and chronic diseases you will see that most of the symptoms have locations,sensations,modalities and even concomitants.


but I think it is Dr. Boenninghausen Particular symptoms(Related to part of Organ of the body)

Location     - Left pectoral region

Sensation   - fullness

Modality     _  Agg. during menstruation 

Concomitant - Acidity 

I do not know what you gave to your patient.For the above the analysis is;and for your kind information Bry also covers all these symptoms.

Yes sir I accept my mistake that I have missed this symptoms in numerical totality. but what you mean by General symptoms. You mean Hahnemann's General or Kent's General. If this is Hahnemann's General so it has no value in the selection of medicine, but if you mean it is kent's general so it has high rank in the selection of medicine, because it will be consider as the physical General symptoms.
as all complaints started after the operation we can think of Staphysagria...


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