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Fever is a burning problem in medical practice, more so for Homoeopaths.

It is an experience that every homoeopath passes through tremendous psychological pressure of disease condition, patient’s agony and relatives’ anxiety some or other time.

‘Quick Response’ is the demand of time! Main point of worry is hyperpyrexia than the patient or underlying disease process!!

Homoeopathy is considered to be a therapy to remove the disease in TOTAL, from its roots, ‘slowly but permanently’ …hence is mainly considered for chronic cases. It has yet to establish its domain for treatment of ‘Acute conditions’ in the society.

Convulsions, fever etc. are such conditions, which make others panic. Homoeopath usually gets concession in chronic cases under the pretext that ‘Homoeopathy is slow acting, is long therapy’, and in the bargain homoeopaths gets adequate time to find CORRECT medicine. In acute situations
we are really confronted if our judgment is not right.

Various aspects of Fever discussed here are based on practical experiences. These experiences are not far from Homoeopathic Principles and Philosophy found in basic books. Most of the time these literature have provided guidelines in critical situations. Can we afford to neglect them under the pretext that they are theoretical? Hopefully the following sharing would be useful to you…

Your comments and sharing of experiences regarding topic will be highly useful. Waiting for the same....

Fever: Blessing in Disguise!  

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This is an important contribution to the topic - i.e. iatrogenic aspect.
Careful history is essential with proper scruitiny about drug history to understand this aspect. Most of the time there are chances that it would be over looked as homoeopath one may not care about other medicines or there may be lack of knowledge of allopathic drugs.

In such condition of iatrogenic fevers we have following options:

1. To stop those drugs if possible.
2. withdraw them gradually as possible

By doing so fever may start subsiding. If not or no. 1 step not possible to implement:
a. Two choices -
i. take totality of iatrogenic fever and prescribe suitable remedy as per homoeopathic law
ii. If it has same dispositional features also, then check with the dispositional remedy if it is covering the totality (Disposition + Iatrogenic picture)
iii. If do not get responce, check perception of totality and facts or go on prescribing as per subsequent indications.

Other option is to prescribe as per Tautopathy - i have no experience about it.

Hahneman has given idea of managing cases having confused picture or pausity of data under aph - related One Sided Disease.

Pl share experience - esp if some one has about Tautopathy.

Very useful. Thanks.
For Fever - Repertorial References:
Besides Dr Kent's Repertory, Boger's compilation of Boenninghausen's Repertory - Dr H. C. Allen's 'Therapeutic of Fevers'.

In this book PRODROME and Symptoms during APYREXIA are very useful. Such specific references/ compilation is not found easily elsewhere.

Another comilation by Dr Allen is on 'Intermittant Fevers'.

I suggest all to keep them handy at bedside.
Thank you for recommendations.
My pleasure, Debby.

'Typhoid' by E. B. Nash is also an important reference book.
Thanks Dr.Kamlesh

please do not miss 'Masked Malaria' from Therapeutics of Fever by Allen.

This gives meaningful proposition about dealing suppressions with homoeopathy .


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