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For every case of fever I found Boger Boenninghausen repertory the best. I open the chapter HEAT AND FEVER IN GENERAL and by questioning I can easily find the symptoms which helps me in selecting the curative remedy, every time.Try and you will never be disappointed.




Intermittent Fever with Repertory of Boenninghausen

P.P. Wells M.D.

The falsehood of the oft-repeated "Homoeopathy will not cure ague" has been demonstrated in the book and the author assure us "that there is no more difficulty in treating intermittent fever than in treating any other disease." He has also proved "that the idea that Cinchona or any of its constituent elements or any other drug or nostrum is or can be specific cure for this class of fevers, is without foundation in truth or in sound medical philosophy."


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Sir, a few illustrative case will be of immense value to us.

i near future i will post.



Dr Sajjad,will look forward to this. Will you utilize P&W software? I know you are great at graphics,as such a few typical cases with graphics will be highly appreciated. Regards

Dear Members

Complements, -- I experience the same. I use BB1 for reference. TT and P&W software are not as detailed.
Here is the case of a child suffering from fever for last two days. He was given antipyretics with relief for short period. Her mother brought him to me. One by one I noted down all the abnormalities and repertorizes the case with following rubrics selected from Boger Boenninghausen repertory. The modalities were not clear in this case. Bell was selected after careful study of the case with the help of Materia Medica.
I gave him Bell 6c dry doses because he refused to take watery doses due to bitter taste. A dose was given everyone hour, six doses and then a dose after two hours. Next morning temp dropped from 103 to 100.The medicine was continued and in next 24 hours the temperature was normal.
I have not seen failure of homeopathy in any fever case throughout my clinical practice provided the case taking and selection of the remedy is precise.
The approach of every repertory is different though the result is the same. Some repertories are simple and some difficult due to their arrangements and once you are conversant with any of them, it will be easy for you to work with them successfully and I am sure you can get exceptionally good result often.
Good Illustrative case study Dr. Sajjad which repertory are you use regular for your patients case study?

Dr Aamir,

In all those cases where pathology is involved and the patient gives insufficient symptoms I use Boenninghausen repertory (P&W software) and Murphy repertory. For fever cases I prefer to use Boger Boenninghausen repertory because of easy approach.

Dear Members

Here is another useful book:

C. M. Boger: Therpeutics of diphteria, tonsilitis, septic sore throat etc. (1920)

The booklet contains the most useful remedies in a concise description, and a repertory, which is Boger style (short and to the point).

Dr. Sajjad

Today many Homeopath use Synthesis Repertory and Complete Repertory what you think about these repertories are friendly or not? How you get your repertoisation easy because sum time patient give us previous treatment side effects?

Dr Aamir,

I have synthesis and complete repertory, all updated. They are comprehensive and can be used for chronic diseases and when you have sufficient time for case taking and processing.
For successful clinical practice particularly when you are dealing many patients suffering from some short term acute diseases, you need to know key notes of only few medicines and a small repertory like that of Boericke which I think is sufficient and reliable. However, you cannot deny and ignore the importance of above mentioned comprehensive repertories.
Regarding the side affects of previous treatment I would say, prescribe on the present clear strong symptoms.


Dr. Sajjad,


               I am use Phatak and Boericke repertories in my daily practice. I ask one more question please, Are you write own key notes for your daily practice?

In my opinion Boericke is better than others.I use Lippe Key notes and red line symptoms of MM.It is the most reliable.



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