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Everyone is making such a big deal out of this whole thing.


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If zicam causes loss of taste and smell then simply do not purchase this product or spray it up your nose.

They also have other modes of dispensation, like tablets, that are effective and do not cause a reaction.

Think with your pocketbook and your brain.

It is too bad that these notices were sent out after a accumulation of many people have been effected, instead of placing a warning on the label or in their advertising. Of course, everyone is familiar with all the SIDE-EFFECTS of your day-to-day over-the-counter drugs. Is there are this media hype over that?

Do You Think The Pharmaceutical Companies Make Incredible Claims?
How Come They Are Not Put To The Same Standards As Homeopathy

They claim CURE and GIVE DRUGS AWAY for Free. Is this legal?

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Any nasal spray used too much will do the same thing!
Why focus on this brand,We all know the answer dont we.
Zicam and Smell: Tell Us Your Story‎ -
In today's New York Times,

Gardiner Harris reports on the drug Zicam, a popular homeopathic cold remedy that could damage or destroy the ...New York Times - 1421 related articles »
Zicam not alone in side-effect reports‎ - San Jose Mercury News - 124 related articles »FDA Zicam Warning Reaffirms Medical Guidance Hana R. Solomon, MD ...‎ - (press release)
The FDA is pulling at straw.We as Tax payers are funding the FDA,Insanity!
Debby Did you see the article I posted about the FDA banning all alternative medicines that might deal with the swine flu?(under Swineflu posted by your husband)
Again They are being pushed into a corner,they have to protect someone,That someone is Big pharma nOt the consumer.
Why do they care if homeopathy cures the flu
Why do they care if herbs cure the flu
Why do they care if vitamins (Vit C) cures the flu
Again we know the answers to that.
Yes. I did see it. That is what CODEX is all about.


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