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1. The factors that we can find from what we are learning and what we are doing?

2. What we should do to break those barriers which are harmful to the popularity of homoeopathy?

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Thanks, Dr Dasgupta I will follow all things which are in favor to Homoeopathy----
Dear Dr. Sarswat
It's great..i will help you..
I think one of the reason is the way we deal with our patients. There is lack of team work. Allopaths build Hospitals and let patient be seen by many specialist etc.....they display there CARE, they keep on saying the best is done but patient is or not responding.

they blame patient for not taking care of themselves never their medicines, as they know it means blame on themselves, on contrary HOMEOPATH criticise themselves on selection of medicine,potency selection, repetition of dose , miasm , inimicals, and many doubts.....(patient think DOCToR is failing in his case) ...Homeopaths talk very less of the disease of the patient. Patient get confused over it.

If any Doctor is not very interactive and if does not use exclamatory words during case taking, patient is less likely to get interested.

Show interest in the people , their being , their sufferings, and work on the principles of Homeopathy.

INTEREST OF PEOPLE .Patient as person.Let there be Hope.

Be popular among people, but before that fill yourself with joy that you are Homeopath, who can cure, provide relief and do miracles.

Always refer to the senior too .

In recent five years, social networking is playing crucial role.....publish the cured cases with evidences....barriers will flow away in it.

Similarly feel free to publish the cured cases by Homeopathy in your clinics. ( Not only yours but others you and others belong to same big family HOMEOPATHY,AND YOUR PRACTICE IS IN INTEREST OF HOMEOPATHY, AS WHOLE.)

Dear Dr.Piyush

Very good & usefull explanation..I always try to follow the things.


Whatever Homoeopaths of ALIGARH are doing, is more than enough to popularize Homoeopathy. This should be done at every place of the world. I request Dr. Das Gupta for posting a report on the activities of Aligarh Homoepaths UNIT.

For understanding the Factors responsible as barriers to the popularity of Homoeopathy, we have to look back in to the History.

Homoeopathy came in to existence, when people were fed up with the Allopathic treatment of their time.In Hahnemann's day, the conventional theory of disease was based on the four humours. Mainstream medicine focused on restoring the balance in the humours, either by attempting to remove an excess (by such methods as bloodletting and purging, laxatives, enemas and nauseous substances that made patients vomit) or by suppressing symptoms, such as by lowering the body temperature of patients who were feverish.

By contrast, Hahnemann promoted an immaterial, vitalistic view of disease, that is, that diseases had spiritual, rather than physical causes.

Vitalism was a part of mainstream science in the 18th century.The masses liked it and consequently,Homoeopathy grew at tremendous pace.

In the twentieth century, medicine discarded vitalism in favour of the germ theory of disease, following the work of Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, Joseph Lister and many others. Modern medicine sees bacteria and viruses as the causes of many diseases, but homeopaths regard them as effects, not causes, of disease. Others have adapted to the views of modern medicine by referring to disturbances in, and stimulation of, the immune system, rather than the vital force.

These were the moments when public once again got attracted towards Allopathy and there was decline of Homeopathy IN USA, Germany and other parts of the world..

The above course of History,tells us that we must propagate among masses, the difference between these two pathies.The advantages of vitalistic thinking of Homoeopathy, and true cure . Today it is media war going on,in favour of Allopathy by big Business lobby..

Nothing shall happen if we don't tell the public thar we  are different, our way of thinking is different from Allopathy. But unfortunately, many of the Homoeopaths behave like An Allopath.We have to change our selves.

We have to pursue the Local  health authorities , for their contribution, for the better health of the public, by adopting Homoeopathy, as one of the main stream methods of treatment.

We have to creat the awareness about the Homoeopathic way of looking at the diseases, among our patients and the public.

Dr.Rajneesh & Dr.Bahl
We welcome your valuable advises. We in Aligarh always try to promote Homoeopathy in a Big Way . I will soon post a report on the activities of Aligarh Homoepaths UNIT.

The latest  Barrier.

U.P.(India) govt. allow allopaths to prescribe AYUSH medicine.

How an Allopath can prescribe Homoeopathic drugs without knowledge of Homoeopathic principles ? Where are the Rules & regulations?

They will simply take this like allopathy....


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