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1. The factors that we can find from what we are learning and what we are doing?

2. What we should do to break those barriers which are harmful to the popularity of homoeopathy?

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I thinks when we fail in a case, we ourselves tell the patient as if Homoeopathy works slowly or if there were no side effects even when taken erroneously, if no cure, no harm. Will work, but late, will expose all the hidden ailments first and so on...

These comments to save ourselves may imprint a permanent image on patient's mind which works negatively for Homoeopathy in multifolds.

If we fail in a case, it becomes the failure of entire pathy, patient says Homoeopathy failed in my ailments. He never says that homoeopath failed.

There is incoordination among  Homoeopaths. One homoeopath claims to cure Tuberculosis in a month while others in a year or some say it is incurable.

One claims to cure gross pathologies with single dose and others claim no cure.

1.Vicious propaganda by a pharma lobby against Homeopathy.

2.Unexplained nature of Homeopathy.

3.It being too simple medication-A few white globules,verses multi colored packs of Allopathic medicines.

4.That it is slow acting.

5. No deep penetration in rural area.

6.Simple looking clinics of Homeopaths,Verses ultra modern clinics of Allopaths.

These are some of the barriers in popularity of Homeopathy

Thanks Dr. Sharma & DR. Bahl

Kindly share some of your views , you found  directly anywhere  as a barrrier..


The reality is that we are not fully trained. We are not guided by seniors. We are, due to our personal efforts and it takes considerable time to become competent enough. This is one of the reasons.

Respected sajjadakram sir

still the things are same in so many places,when others are technically far away from us...

eg.non availability of fully trained staff in medical colleges, non availability of quality products in so many areas, non availabilty of full range of medicines & potencies etc..

Dr Dasgupta,

As your Ques. No.1 about what we are learning and what we are doing? We read the Organon and Philosophy but some said our organon is different [who is using mixture & compound] Teacher who teach Organon & Philosophy but never understand & follow it. Here I am agree with Sajjad Sir....

As to your Ques No.2 Barriers. First  thing is that remedies are slow acting. There is no side effect means it has no effect. It is very inexpensive so patients give no value to Homoeopath and also to Homeopathy. We hear some words from the patients side-i.e, "Aap se theek to ho jayega verna kisi Dr. ko tikhoun," which means he is giving the value to the modern system or in his opinion you are not doctor. Day to day practice we see that patients said "Dr. Sb. mera bachcha ro raha hai thodi Dawa ishay bhi khila do-----Dr. Sb. theek kaise hota dawa kho gayi or bachcha kha gaya" These are the barriers or value? Please make patients and general public aware. We should think--

I think we all agree,that education in proper homeopathy,Honesty of the doctor, and dissemination of knowledge, by Doctors to their patient are prerequisite to advancement of homeopathy anywhere;A small but clean clinic with a pleasing mannered  and knowledgeable doctor can make all the difference.
The recent barrier is---
In NRHM( national rural health mission ) all AYUSH ( aurvedic,yoga,unani, sidh ,homoeopathic)doctors are appointedd for the job but they are bound to to do allopathic ( injections,vaccinations,antibiotics,family planning,ORS & so many other things)but they are not allowed to do work with their own pathy.
What a system??????
AYUSH doctors are now fighting for this & we all private doctors should support them.
According to law if any doctor do practice in other pathy , doctor will be punished/jailed.
Here Govt. is doing this &..& this is only for AYUSH doctors not for allopaths.
What a system?????
Respected kuram anand sir
you suggested a beautifull idea . Suggest more like this.
More like this can be--
I will request Dr. Ravindra Sarswat( secretary) to print & distribute all members of HMAI ,Aligarh unit for display in their clinic, on bikes & cars.
Thanks again sir .
You are great Dr. Ananda..
Dr. Claudia
I would request Debby for this. She is the best one for such things.


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