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The number of people on FaceBook (FB)

The number of Homeopathic FanPages, Groups, Discussions and persons practicing and interested in homeopathy increases daily. 


Even though, i must confess, I've never been a fan of FaceBook, i do visit almost daily to keep up on activity and participate in discussions. Everyone has their FAVORITES.


As a Social Network advocate, I'm often reading the latest news and learn about some fun and funky programs or applications. Today's tutorial shares one of these great Trendy and popular finds on how to EASILY update your FaceBook profile images. Below are the instructions.



Go to and follow the three easy steps. Your profile image, plus the top photos along the top of your page will be uploaded automatically from the selection of one photograph from your computer.

FaceBook Chat Tip: The first way is to type text message with page break in Notepad, Word or WordPad and then paste it in your FaceBook chat and hit the enter key. This is suitable for a long message.

The other way is by using Shift + Enter key. Every time you want to type in a new paragraph then press the shift and enter key and start typing in a new paragraph.

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Thank you Debby.
Very good idea Debby, thank you for making us feel good. Happy mother's day to you, I think everyday is a mother's day...some good some not so bad
Thank you dear Yvonne. Many blessings for healthy and happy children. ♥


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