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I just heard this story of a woman with "Face Blindness" on NPR. Of course, as a homeopath, a bunch of rubrics pops into one's head and begin to wonder if there is a cure for this individual?

Here is a link to the story:
Living With Face Blindness


Living With Face Blindness Audio File

Listen to her story and you will see that her traumatic childhood must have put her into a state of fear, shock or personality disorder, whereby the brain attempts to preserve some facet of identity. Or, on the other hand, not to recognize family member faces that must have caused some pain. 
In the end, she says that she wouldn't change and feels 'her world' has provided her with special gifts. She has made the best of her limitations and found ways to cope with her disability. She says it has not been a burden. 
If you listen, are there any clues to a potential remedy?




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Thank you for posting more information, remedies and a case.
Debby Bruck,
This is split personality case of Anacardium. There are some rubrics of mind....

-Will, contradiction of, two wills, feels, as if he had.
- Delusion, that he is separated from the world.
- Unfeeling, hard-hearted. - Delusion, of being double.
- Delusion, is under super-human control.
- Delusion, sees devils.
- Cruelty, inhumanity.
- Cursing.
- Hatred.
- Moral feeling, want of.
- Kill, desire to.
- Kisses his companions hands.
- Confidence, want of self.
- Timidity, bashful.
- Rage, leading to violent deeds
Dear Dr Ravindra. Today as I pondered this blog, I remembered that she said she could not even recognize herself in the mirror if it were not for something special like her clothes or hair. Thus, the highlighted rubric in yellow above shows that Anacardium does fit. It would be interesting if this truly would enable her to get her memory and be cured from prosopagnosia.


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