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"damage caused by vaccinations means the complete destruction of a child, of an individual. Those kids can’t speak. They’re complete idiots, imbeciles. Often, they are spastically paralyzed, and frequently, they also suffer from muscular cramps... Sometimes whole families are destroyed."---Dr Buchwald MD

[2005] UK Government In Secret Payments For Childhood Vaccine Damage New figures show the Government has paid out £3.5 million since 1997 to families who claim their children fell sick after jabs. Over the years (sine 1979), up to 30,000 people have battled for compensation, with only a handful winning their cases. ....They say they do not keep statistics about which vaccines are involved because it is too difficult to pin the blame on a specific injection.

"I know parents who have been turned down because they say the child is 79.5 per cent disabled (not 80%)."--Ann Coote

"If I had not been computer literate, and had not been internet-literate, I would have still believed that (1) my daughters sudden turn to poor health was in no way related to the Hepatitis B vaccine (2) that "SHE WAS THE ONLY CHILD" who had ever been sick after receiving this vaccine and (3) I am crazy for drawing a correlation between the vaccine and her health problems immediately following the Hepatitis B vaccine."---Parent (e mail forum)

"Another point which I document in my presentation... is that there is little or no objective research into the possible adverse effects of vaccines. There has never been a study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children. The only explanation for this is bias and political pressure."--Philip Incao MD

"Once a vaccine is mandated for children, the manufacturer and the physician administering the vaccine are substantially relieved of liability for adverse effects."--Jane Orient MD

"Every day new parents are ringing us. They all have the same tragic story. Healthy baby, child, teenager, given the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) or DT (diphtheria and tetanus), MMR or MMR booster(now its GARDASIL) followed by a sudden fall or slow, but steady decline into autism or other horrific side effects like seizures,tics,paralysis,bowel obstruction,skin rashes,asthma,allergy........"--The Hope Project
falsely justify the use of vaccines,double talk,test frauds,intimidation,coercion,scaretactics,lies,suppress information on the dangers of vaccines
Think about all this, now with the FDA passing the latest vaccine for "Swineflu"...................................?
You cant sell vaccines if there is no market for this vaccine,so create fear................"swineflu pandemic of april 2009".......................Fear makes people do stupid things,like immunize!

1-Post your comments on adverse reactions from vaccines.......................
2-What can homeopathy do for these side effects? your suggestions here..............................

3-does this happen if one chooses homeopathic vaccination protocal?

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"The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization.....There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."--Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

"forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so."--Dr Kalokerinos MD (International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995)
charts show that vaccines did not reduce diseases in history
This same subject of Vaccination dangers applies to out pets.
Many cancers,seizures,chronic ailments are a direct link to the vaccines WE allow our pets to have.

Dr. Charles E Loops DVM(homeopathic Vet) - "The first thing that must change with routine vaccinations is the myth that vaccines are not harmful.

Veterinarians and animal guardians have to come to realise that they are not protecting animals from disease by annual vaccinations, but in fact, are destroying the health and immune systems of these same animals they love and care for Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits.
Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body's immune system.... Vaccine induced chronic diseases range from life-threatening conditions such as auto-immune crises to conditions destroying the quality of life of an animal as in chronic skin allergies." (to cancers and death)

More of this at shirleyswellnesscafe website-
Holistic healing for our pets
Dangers of vaccines for our pets
how homeopathy can detox pet vaccine damage
Gina- I am becoming a believer that the vaccination business is a fraud. I have little doubt that homeopathy can cure disease once it is manifest- what evidence is there that we can PREVENT a childhood disease such as measles using homeopathy??

[Measles deaths had declined by 99.4% (!) before vaccination, so there isn't any any evidence vaccination played any part in deaths decline, while parents are spun the lie that vaccination was the only factor in the decline and therefore the only defence, while Allopathy hypes the dangers of measles.

Incidentally, over 50% of measles cases have been vaccinated .
MMR vaccine is obviously killing more kids now than measles would be doing, with or without the vaccine , as FOIA shows in 1990, in the UK, there were approximately 70 deaths associated with triple vaccines (DTP and MMR), the UK Gov' has paid out for MMR deaths, and one media report mentioned 26 deaths.

Vaccination is suppressing a beneficial process of the immune system, and leads to measles in younger children where it is more dangerous, while natural therapies and the real causes of measles deaths are ignored.

Deaths are caused by toxemia , malnutrition & immune deficiency, poor management and drug use , while the virus gets the blame .
So, an ineffective dangerous vaccine causing a huge epidemic of vaccine diseases such as autism,& diabetes, for a beneficial disease that is safe in healthy children under proper medical care, such as Homeopathy Naturopathy & Nutritional medicine------

Allopaths (with a pecuniary and professional interest in vaccination), are the only doctors who say you should fear measles.

If Allopathy really cared about measles deaths they would have used Vitamin C 50 years ago (see), but that would have spelt the end of vaccination along with most of their other useless, but highly profitable, drugs. Instead they persecute their heretics/whisteblowers such as Dr Wakefield, Lisa Blakemore-Brown & Dr Jane Donegan in a nasty attempt to suppress the truth on MMR and vaccine autism, as well as taking away legal funding for the victims.

They will defend MMR to the death of any number of children as vaccination is the only real PR success they have to screen the failure of Corporate monopoly medicine to cure anything apart from bacterial infections, as this ex-vaccine researcher points out: "Vaccines are the genocide of modern medicine"
Dear Robert
I am confused?
You are married to Debby Bruck the homeopath? Yet have these questions about homeopathics/disease?

Measles is a childhood diseases that all kids get,its a good way to build the immune system,Why prevent it?Homeopathy can ease the extreme symptoms some kids get with measles.
Vaccines DO NOT prevent the measles,Vaccines do not prevent ANY diseases I hate to burst your bubble Robert.
Homeopathy can cure the so called "Incurables"Without adverse reactions Robert. Allopathy does not have this cure record.Only a long history of genocide,and iatrogenic ailments that are so complex only anti-miasmatic homeopathic remedies can reverse.
here is a link to a RN/Homeopath
Sheri Nakken has more on measles/homeopathy/vaccine dangers
a chart of how vaccines did not reduce diseases
see the chart
Great answers- thanks Gina- all I'm doing is getting different opinions- you have done your homework-- kudo's to you!
Hi Dea
vaccines have NOT reduced diseases as you might think
shows a few graphical charts

and check out Sheri Nakken's website for more on this (RN/Homeopath)

another great site by Dr. Tinus Smits
He is a researcher that has done extensive work on the dangers of vaccines,the diseases these vaccines cause,how homeopathic protocal can detox children from these vaccine toxins.
Vaccination A sacrament of modern medicine
In look into what vaccines really do.
Article by an MD Richard Moskowitz (I did an interview with Richard at you can read)
Dr. Moskowitz said:
"Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnology in the sense that
1) their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident and needing no further proof;
2) they are given automatically to everyone, by force if necessary, but always in the name of the public good; and
3) they ritually initiate our loyal participation in the medical enterprise as a whole. They celebrate our right and power as a civilization to manipulate biological processes ad libitum and for profit, without undue concern for or even any explicit concept of the total health of the populations about to be subjected to them. "

and of course see
Searchbox: November 2008 Ezine
Entire issue is dedicated to vaccine damage,how it has not been proven to reduce diseases,and how homeopathy deals with all the chronic diseases due to vaccines damage.
many many websites/documents showing vaccines are not what you think they are
More for Dea

That vaccination continues to this day is not because of its 'assumed' benefits, but

(1) because it yields millions of dollars profit to the Drug Industry,
(2) because it is one of the foundation stones of Medical Science upon which they have undeservedly built their power and prestige, and for that reason, must remain in place, and
(3) because the majority of the public, brainwashed by medical propaganda, and unwilling to think for themselves, blindly accept it.


Firstly, commercial interests are a major motive behind the vaccine drive, netting the drug industry millions of dollars annually. Eleanor McBean PhD (The Poisoned Needle) states:

"The vaccine business has continued to thrive in spite of its disastrous failure, for the mere reason that it nets millions of dollars for the promoters, and this buys power with governments and propaganda control over the masses who don't know how to think for themselves".

Speaking of the disastrous smallpox epidemics in England following compulsory vaccination, Herbert Shelton (Natural Hygiene, Man's Pristine Way of Life) stated that smallpox vaccinations were kept alive only because of the enormous profits that were derived from this practice.

Despite the failure of the tuberculosis vaccine in India involving over 260,000 Indians, both the World Health Organisation and the Indian government recommended its continuance. One may speculate as to the reasons why but its worth noting that the World Health Organisation is sponsored by none other than the American Drug Trust. A conflict of interests perhaps?

The Journal of the American Medical Association, November 14th 1990, contains an article titled, British Firm Halts Vaccine Manufacture". The Wellcome Company, Beckenham, England were forced to cease vaccine production. The reasons cited by the head of their Biotech Division, Dr A J Beale were "Too much litigation and too little profit".

George Starr White M.D. of Los Angeles, probably best summed it up with this comment:

"Take all the profit out of manufacturing and administration of serums and vaccines and they would soon be condemned, even by those who are now using them".


Secondly, the medical profession, hell bent on preserving its power and prestige, cannot afford to have the public ever finding out the truth about vaccination. This is not to condemn all doctors, for many simply do not know the truth, whilst many others do not want to know. Yet medical hierarchy, intent on maintaining the 'status-quo', feeds the public a constant stream of propaganda promoting the case for vaccination. This propaganda, designed to convince people of the value and importance of vaccinations, takes the form of falsified statistics, misleading statements, public scare campaigns and in many cases, downright lies!

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

Albert Einstein once said that there were three types of lies--lies, damned lies and statistics! It is easy to provide statistical evidence which creates the impression that vaccination works. Here is a good example which appears in the book, Communicable Diseases Handbook by L. Claire Bennett and Sarah Searl from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. On Page 44 it states: "An effective inoculation program should obviously result in a lowered incidence of the particular disease under surveillance. For instance, since 1963 there have been more than 80 million doses of red measles vaccine given. The number of reported cases has gone from a pre-1963 total of about 500,000 to a total of about 35,000 in 1975". Now this suggests that the vaccine was indeed responsible for this decline, that is until we go back to 1958 and learn that the number of cases was 800,000! In other words, measles cases were in decline before the 1963 vaccine commenced. (In fact by 1955, still eight years before the start of this vaccine, there had been a 97% decline in the death rate from measles since the turn of the century!) What is more, medical authorities have since acknowledged that the 1963 measles vaccine was a complete failure!

This same scenario occurs with graphical evidence also.(sorry graphlink cannot be found here go to original article) at

An examination of Graph 1 suggests that measles vaccine was responsible for the decline, but if we examine Graph 2 and go back to 1900, we can clearly see that the major part of the decline had already occurred and that the commencement of vaccination had no impact on the rate of decline thereafter. If you happen to visit a medical library and examine some of the texts and medical journals, you will find that most graphical evidence on the decline of infectious disease starts from the year 1940 when antibiotics and certain vaccinations commenced. Such graphs always present a misleading picture. Is it any wonder that most doctors believe in drug therapy and vaccinations? They have never seen the whole picture. In the Natural Health magazine, July 1988, an article appeared on Vaccination Therapy, in which the author, Shirley Lewis, mentioned this very point. Ms Lewis spoke of a doctor who undertook her own research by consulting relevant material in the medical library. As Ms Lewis points out, "She showed us a graph, from a medical journal, that proved how effective antibiotics and immunization had been in eradicating scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles. But this doctor's copy of the graph started in 1940, and we had already seen the fuller graph, which started in 1850 and showed that in all four diseases, a steady decline had been happening long before the introduction of either immunization or antibiotics. So that doctor had made a conscientious decision based on a graph that had been deliberately falsified". This explains the comments of Dr Lancaster (Medical Journal of Australia Nov 1967): "Misconceptions on the importance of direct medical and surgical intervention in the progress of mortality are widely held by historians, statisticians and medical theorists".

There are several other ways that statistics can be manipulated or falsified in order to create the impression that vaccines work. A common and well used technique is to 're-diagnose'. This means that if a patient presents the characteristic symptoms of a particular disease, yet has already been vaccinated against that disease, the doctor will diagnose something else. The National Anti-Vaccination League in Britain provides evidence of this in much of its literature. For example, chicken pox, according to medical authorities is a non-fatal disease. Yet, "In the thirty years ending in 1934, 3,112 people are stated to have died of chicken pox in England and Wales". The truth is that these people actually died of smallpox against which they had been previously vaccinated. Because of their vaccine status, however, their deaths were recorded as chicken pox. According to The Truth Teller, January 1927, "This has been admitted by English medical officers of health, and the Ministry of Health has twice stated in answer to questions in Parliament that vaccination is one factor in the diagnosis of these cases".

George Bernard Shaw, the illustrious poet and also an ardent campaigner on public health issues, once stated:

"During the last considerable epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as postular eczema, varioloid or what not --except smallpox".

Explaining the practice of 're-diagnosis' and the reasons behind it, Leon Chaitow says "... faced with a patient who has all the signs and symptoms of a particular disease, from which they have been 'protected' by immunization, it is obviously difficult to make the diagnosis they would have made if faced by such a case in an unvaccinated person. By calling the disease something else they are protecting their belief system, and the integrity of the theories around which they have built their actions, such as vaccination .... All this is done to protect a system, and to help to save the public from having doubt as to the efficacy of methods. Re-diagnosis is a real phenomenon, and happens all the time. In the case of diphtheria this was rampant, and it is interesting to note that it was only the vaccinated cases of diphtheria which were diagnosed as something else. In some epidemics the figure of re-diagnosis reached 60% of cases. It is hard to see what sense can be made of statistics when they are based on inaccuracies of this sort".

Another method of creating misleading statistics is False Diagnosis'. This involves a doctor diagnosing a particular disease, say polio, when in fact the patient does not really have polio. From his book, Hygienic Care Of Children, Herbert Shelton comments on the polio epidemics: "Polio epidemics are very largely physician made. Great numbers of cases of illness diagnosed as polio are not". Shelton goes on to say: "The apparent disappearance of polio as a result of vaccination was brought about by a clever juggling stunt. Before the Salk vaccine was introduced, thousands of cases of polio were diagnosed each year in children who had no polio. After the introduction of the vaccine, these cases were no longer diagnosed as polio, this automatically appeared to reduce the case rate to the near vanishing point".

Dr Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, USA, has stated that prior to the Salk vaccine, large numbers of Cocksackie virus and asceptic meningitis cases were mislabelled as paralytic polio. Following the start of polio vaccinations, no such mislabelling occurred. Following the commencement of the Salk vaccine, many polio cases were reclassified under a different name, this again, leading to statistics indicating a reduction in polio incidence. Walene James, in her book, Immunization, Reality Behind the Myth, provides figures from the Los Angeles County Health Index Morbidity and Mortality, Reportable Diseases which reveals this fact.
more info for dea
dangers of tetanus vaccines
tetanus and polio vaccines-some facts

Misleading information is everywhere Dea,
Your MD/and your pharmacist certainly wont inform you
the CDC,FDA,AMA also not a good sourse for vaccine info!
Vaccines are a billion dollar per year product by big pharma,why on earth would they tell you the truth?
Its the bread and butter of western medicine.
Without brainwashing the consumer regards vaccines no one would have this done.

"Vaccines are the Genocide of Modern MEdicine"!
Homeopaths deal with vaccine damaged children on a daily basis,Most of our diseases now are caused by these vaccines!
An article in the Archives of Neurology (1972) described brachial plexus neuropathy (which can lead to paralysis of the arm) prom tetanus toxoi Four patients who received only tetanus toxoid noticed the onset of limb weak ness from six to 21 days after the inoculation.

A 1966 article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports the first case of "Peripheral Neuropathy .following Tetanus Toxoid Administration."

A 23—year— old white medical student received an injection of tetanus toxoid into his rightupper arm after an abrasion of the right knee while playing tennis. Several hours later, he developed a wrist drop of his right hand.

He later suffered from complete motor and sensory paralysis over the distribution of the right radial nerve (one of the major nerves innervating the arm and hand) One month later, no residual motor or sensory deficit could be found.

Reference is made to an article in the Journal of Neurology, 1977, entitled "Unusual Neurological Complication following Tetanus Toxoid Administration."

The author reports a 36—year—old female who received tetatus toxoid in her left upper arm following a wound to her finger. Five days later, she noticed a weakness first of the right, and then of the left and later of both legs. She complained of dizziness, instability, lethargy, chest discomfort, difficulty in swallowing, and inarticulate speech.

She staggered when she walked, and she could take only a few steps. Her EEG showed some abnormalities. After a month, she was discharged without neurologic disturbance, but she continued to feel weak and anxious. Examinations during the next 11 months showed continued emotional instability and some paresthesias (numbness and tingling) in the extremities.

The medical diagnosis was "a rapidly progressing neuropathy with involvement of cranial nerves, myelopathy, and encephalopathy."

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 1973, carried an article entitled "Hypersensitivity to Tetanus Toxoid," and in a volume entitled "Proceedings of the II International Conference on Tetanus" (published by Hans Huber, Bern, Switzerland, 1967), an article appeared entitled "Clinical Reactions to Tetanus Toxoid."

A 44—year—old article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (1940) was entitled "Allergy Induced by Immunization with Tetanus Toxoid."

That same year, an article in the British Medical Journal reported on "Anaphylaxis (a form of shock) following Administration of Tetanus Toxoid."

In 1969, a German medical journal reported a case of paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (the nerve to the voicebox) after a booster injection of tetanus toxoid. The patient developed hoarseness and was unable to speak loudly, but the nerve paralysis subsided completely after approximately two months.

Should your doctor reassure you that tetanus vaccine is completely safe,

or that "the benefits outweigh the risks," or that you should have a shot "just in case,"??????????????????

---Now more about Polio and the Vaccine-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Polio has been painted as some natural scourge of humanity. Yet, epidemics and outbreaks of polio in Europe go back to only less than 100 years. The 1949-50 and later outbreaks of polio were demonstrably caused by intensified diphtheria and whooping cough vaccination, tonsillectomies, other injections (painkillers) and a variety of traumas. They invented a name for it: provocation poliomyelitis. Even though this has not been discussed in literature, the earliest outbreaks were no doubt triggered by intensified smallpox vaccination. The evidence for this connection comes from Egyptian excavations: some mummies had withered limbs; but of course, variolation (a crude form of smallpox inoculation) has been practised thousands of years ago, and most particularly, in Egypt.

When the first, injectable, polio vaccine was tested on 1.8 million American children, within a few days they had a huge epidemic of paralytic polio: in the vaccinated, their parents and other contacts. They called it the Cutter incident and claimed that some of the vaccines (produced by the Cutter Laboratories) contained live polio virus. So, the company withdrew their vaccines despite polio vaccines produced by other manufacturers also causing paralysis in this outbreak.

The OP vaccines are officially causing paralysis, allegedly only 10-12 reported cases per year in the USA. The word 'reported' is the key word here. With the mass use of the polio vaccines and continuing occurence of polio in the vaccinated, the necessity arose to redefine the disease polio. The classical definition of polio is a disease with residual paralysis which resolves within 2 months (usually within days). The new definition of polio now is 'a disease with residual paralysis persisting for more than 60 days.' This is the secret formula of 'eradication' of polio. Children are still getting polio, but those cases which resolve within 60 days (which represent some 90% of cases) are not diagnosed as polio. A new disease emerged: viral meningitis and as the incidence of polio plummeted, so did the incidence of viral meningitis sky rocketed.
dea posted:"The lines blur when you are the parent with the child that has been irreversibly damaged by either the vaccine..........................."

My reply;
As you come to know the facts behind vaccines these LINES are NOT blured Dea. Please read the links I posted for you and review the data slowly at your own pace.
"Puncture wounds" as seen by a homeopathic practicioner needs "no" vaccine-there are verry good homeopathic remedies that deal with this.
A personal story by; Luke (copy/paste from another homeopathic discussion forum)
Luke wrote:--------------------------------------------------------------------------
I would like to share my story in regards to forced vaccination please.

I am very familiar with mandatory vaccinations, I was active duty in the military for 6 years. The last couple vaccines I received I didn't want, it wasn't a logical reason (because I wasn't educated on why I shouldn't receive them) it was an intuitive one, but none-the-less, I didn't have a choice to say no.

Well I now consider myself well informed on the vaccine issue and am convinced that the two primary factors of disease are vaccines and dental work.
I researched all over the internet to try to find a way to detox the vaccines from my body and determined that the only way to heal the body and remove prior vaccines is through homeopathy.

Last July I decided to replace my amalgam fillings with composite, I jumped the gun and rushed to a willing dentist who replaced fillings on 5 teeth (the entire left side of my mouth) months later I was still in pain. I spoke with many dentists and was told my bruxing (clenching of teeth) at night was not allowing my teeth to heal from the extensive amount of work done to them. I was given a mouth guard and was told I would probably need it for life. When wearing the guard my teeth felt better, but I had a very hard time keeping it in and most often would wake up with it at my feet.

Months later I finally found the right homeopath for me! We had a full consultation and I told him my main complaint was tooth pain and the second being the clenching. I told him that the clenching didn't seem psychological (I am a fairly relaxed person) it seemed physiological, my teeth would come together during the day, I would even consciously relax my jaw and watch my jaw close and tighten up while being awake. He told me it WAS physiological and asked me when the last time I received a tetanus vaccination...

In the military, I worked in a clinic in the so called medical field. In this clinic we gave vaccinations, medications, and dental work. It seemed everyone either grinded or clenched because our dentists were always giving out mouth guards, and our nurses were always inoculating people with tetanus vaccine...

It makes sense to me: if directly injected with the tetanus virus it would seem that a less severe display of lock-jaw would present: Bruxation.
When a virus is directly injected into the body it bypasses certain antigens necessary to break down the virus, this results in the virus ravaging the body for years or decades and harboring itself within certain organs or body systems, causing all sorts of autoimmune diseases and cancers.

(THIS INFORMATION IS EXPLAINED VERY SCIENTIFICALLY IN THE WEBSITE Dr. Rebecca Carley - Hippocrates Systems, Holistic Health, Vaccination Detox, VIDS (vaccine induced diseases), Reverse Diseases IN HER PAPER: "INOCULATIONS: THE TRUE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION".)

I recalled my vaccination being about 2 years before (also about the time my girlfriend first noticed me grinding at night). My homeopath gave me a 30c dose of a potentised tetanus vaccine and within 10 minutes the muscles on both sides of my jaw had a very sore sensation, as though it had finally let go of a tremendous burden and my jaw relaxed!

See Dr. Carley speak on vaccine induced diseases
Youtube video
Vaccines - The True Weapons of Mass Destruction Part 1 of 15
A must for all who still defend vaccines


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