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Should there be an expiry date on Homoeopathic medicines, particularly mother tinctures?

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I believe that Hahnemann's own remedies are still effective.
But,where are those?
Hello Dr. Sushil,
I have personally observed and many times patients reported that some mother tinctures tend to get a stronger odor and taste when they are old or stocked for long (tasted myself out of curiosity). No adverse effects have been reported though and it appears there is no change in the therapeutic value.

The possible reasons may be due to evaporation of the alcohol which is strong and volatile, improper closing of the cap, using plastic bottles instead of glass by the pharmacist or the ingredients itself have changed character over time.

Dr. Sushil, I think Mother tinctures should have an expiry since the original medicinal substance is present in the tincture and may change over time. In case of dilutions though, i see no reason they get expired since only dynamic effect of the original medicinal substance remains and as far as alcohol is concerned there is no change if taken care on storage.

The best thing i do to avoid this is, while buying i keep a good eye on best quality available and buy as little quantity as possible so they are always replaced fresh.

Dr. Jagat
Very interesting about mother tinctures longevity and if they are attenuated over time, could this have anything to do with the percentage of alcohol as preservative?

Here you see Hahnemann's own home clinic with boxes of remedies.

Thanks, Debby.Glad to see this Picture.
As I have studied,

Seems clear from Hahnemann's writing that each solution must be prepared according to its own requirements for preservation. We adjust the amount of alcohol needed to preserve whatever the substance is--as required.This must be the reason why all those ancient tinctures are still used to make remedies today.
It also dependent upon the environment too.....


Homoeopathic medicines does not have any material substance in it. Only those substances in which material substances are present wil have expiry date. Homoeopathic medicines are ENERGY medicines. The homoeopathic medicines are highly diluted and POTENTISED,(potentisation is a process by which the inner vital force or energy of any substance is unwrapped) and have a deeper action. They go to the level of your inner being or the super conscious.

since the homoeopathic medicines are full of VITAL ENERGY of a substance, they don’t expire.
As we know that,
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.
Declaring Homeopathic Medicines are Energy medicines are itself controversial topic. Many articles are written on this subject. If we need to produce energy after preparation of aconite 30 then there should be some instrument that can measure it also. If it is so, then why we need aconite plant as starting material when this has to be converted ultimately into ENERGY (ACONITE ENERGY 30). if energy concept is correct then radionic medicines are very correct because their philosophy is that they have noted down the frequency of each homeopathic plant and they have invented that instrument that can generate that specific radionic rays which aconite has. How did they noted the radionic frequency it is still a question? If it is so, then they should be able to distinguish between aconite 30 and pulsatilla 200 through that instrument if labels of both potencies are removed. In actual practice they failed to distinguished between them.

As I do not know what is in aconite 30, therefore, I can't say what could be the expiry of aconite 30. Yes it has some common sense that mother tinctures with passage of time do expires as they contain some active constituents of starting material but I am not sure aconite in potency form say 200 expires. What I have adopted the procedure in my practice is that if I am dead sure about some symptom and my selected remedy is also correct and even then I do not observe any change then I simply throw away my potency out of clinic. That is its expiry date :)
In Canada the govenment is moving in that direction even for pellets.
i have some remedy bottles from the 1930's in my office,and yes they work! No loss of potency no matter how many years old-
Often homeopathic labs donate their ":Expired'' batches for me to use for the homeopathic volunteer work i do. EAch country has mandates /labeling such outdated viles as "Expired",while they are NOT expired.They are only following gov. rules. I make the most of the fact that they are so ignorant,happily accepting the remedies that were about to be tossed in the garbage- Such a waste of perfectly good medicine.


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