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EXPERIMENT: Transmission of Homeopathic Drug Energy from a Distance. Open to all members.

Please read in this context the discussion: Transmission of Homeopathic Drug Energy from a Distance.

On foot of this discussion we decided to do an experiment.

We want to find out if a proving can be carried out over distance by applying the remedy to the eyes of the prover(s) on his / her picture.

So far I have applied a remedy to Kavirays picture on the eyes last night. I will repeat the application this evening at the same time with all other provers with same remedy and same strength.

The results sofar are encouraging.

I will also apply a remedy to Debby's picture in the same way.
I will wait till this evening to give other members a chance to come forward.

So much I can say about the remedy, that it is not a nosode, but a fairly common well proven remedy with no great pathological background. Therefore i think its save to do this experiment.

Please let me know by this evening if you wish to partake in this experiment.

When doing this experiment:
Please note when exactly symptoms came up, how long they last and then they go / return. Also note change in mood, and concomitting symptoms.

Kavi reported the following sensations:
>> I think i already notice some symptoms - slight irritation when people don't asnwer immediately to a question. Impatience with their situation - forgetting to take other situations into account - very unlike me, especially with clients.
Full feeling in the head - forehead especlally. Pressure above the eyes in middle of forehead - also tired feeling, but it is late.
Stiff feeling in the neck, where it goes into the back. Slightly painful to turn the head either way, as if the mucles are stiff.
Irritation gone. Replaced by no specific thing. Brain feels tired.

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Actually yes, I do feel a lot better and the sharp pains have subsided completely. Mentally feel better too. Urine flows freely and everything seems to be back to normal.
I have a question for Hans.
If you think this has nothing to do with the transmission fo Arnica, then where did those symptoms come from?
Hi Kavi
I don't know. -- I could give 101 guesses, but this would not answer the question.
I watched discussion with great interest. Now I would like to add that for Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a distance was discovered long back by Dr.B.Sahni and his findings were based on several experimentation done on human being as well as animals. On being satisfied he started using in his clinical practice and later on completely discarded oral method. He was a full time practitioner. Later on Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy was established at Patna in 1970. Many followers joined and experimented. Myself also joined in 1992 and now practicing on full time basis only through Drug Transmission mode. We are associated with the Hospitals where we have separate departments and patients are being referred to us by doctors as well as patient who got cured. Many more practitioners are adopting it as their mode of practice and they are popular in their region.
I invite all to observe and experience at our Institute. Our Institute is conducting Research, Training and Medical services.
For every discovery several experimentation is required to be accepted by all. Our RISDTH also stressed for clinical trials and Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy a Government body conducted trials on experimental basis. Conducting Research personal applied on several person and found it positive in action and recommended for more trials.
I am happy more light will be thrown with discussion.
Hans, the bladder symptoms were due to an old problem that returns with cold and rainy weather - hence i fixed it with Dulcamara.

As to Arnica symptoms - the neck i complained about is from an old injury and i had several concussions when i was young which can account for the Arnica symptoms that came up.

I would not throw out the child with the bathwater yet.
A placebo or just plain water should have been included in the experiment. We just have to tell the prover that the experiment had started and ask them to report back.
Well, there were 3 provers and 1 was given placebo.
I agree that direct dosing is the best way - better still when done by the physician.
I also know we have no knowledge about the mechanism - to me the disease and remedy simply neutralise each other.
However, since many of my clients are living far away and since it is better to directly do something than wait for a remedy to arrive, this method is preferrable.
Patients have also the tendency to take too much of a remedy and thus dosing via remote means is then the best option. Since a hair or photograph is from nobody else but the patient, i take it to be as good as direct dosing.
Where are the variables you speak of?
They are not apparent to me. Would you care to explain?

Yes! Yes! and Yes!!! The transmission works even using a photographs! I have an extensive experience with around one hundred  of patients. I published an article dedicated to this topic (Asian Journal of Homeopathy, August 2012, pages 25-28, New Delhi, India.  


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