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EXPERIMENT: Transmission of Homeopathic Drug Energy from a Distance. Open to all members.

Please read in this context the discussion: Transmission of Homeopathic Drug Energy from a Distance.

On foot of this discussion we decided to do an experiment.

We want to find out if a proving can be carried out over distance by applying the remedy to the eyes of the prover(s) on his / her picture.

So far I have applied a remedy to Kavirays picture on the eyes last night. I will repeat the application this evening at the same time with all other provers with same remedy and same strength.

The results sofar are encouraging.

I will also apply a remedy to Debby's picture in the same way.
I will wait till this evening to give other members a chance to come forward.

So much I can say about the remedy, that it is not a nosode, but a fairly common well proven remedy with no great pathological background. Therefore i think its save to do this experiment.

Please let me know by this evening if you wish to partake in this experiment.

When doing this experiment:
Please note when exactly symptoms came up, how long they last and then they go / return. Also note change in mood, and concomitting symptoms.

Kavi reported the following sensations:
>> I think i already notice some symptoms - slight irritation when people don't asnwer immediately to a question. Impatience with their situation - forgetting to take other situations into account - very unlike me, especially with clients.
Full feeling in the head - forehead especlally. Pressure above the eyes in middle of forehead - also tired feeling, but it is late.
Stiff feeling in the neck, where it goes into the back. Slightly painful to turn the head either way, as if the mucles are stiff.
Irritation gone. Replaced by no specific thing. Brain feels tired.

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Hi Hans,

I also had to go to the toilet more often yesterday - passing stools. Normally I go once a day. They are of normal consistency if slightly less firm and of lighter colour than normal.

Urine dark yellow and slightly burning. There is a sensation at the neck of the bladder as if it is also burning - after urine, which subsides after about 20 minutes. Normally very pale and no burning sensation.

Last night - or should i say early morning at 5 am - i had a terrible itchy inner thigh - right side only - which lasted about five minutes. Since then i had one recurrence of that itch for about the same amount of time at 10am.

This morning i went for stools twice, same consistency and colour as yesterday.

Last night also i had a dull feeling in the head and this morning i had difficulty typing - as if i could not find the appropriate keys on the keyboard - had to look where the letters were. This was around 10-11 am. This is now gone. It lasted maybe for an hour.
Just now, 4pm, during about 5 minutes sharp short stabs at the neck of the bladder - left side - every 5-10 seconds or so.
Since about 5 pm the pain at the neck of the bladder has shifted to the right and is constant, rather than stabbing - pain is nonetheless somewhat sharp.

This may be from my prostate cancer case i had in 2006 and which i cured by 12X 3 doses in 6 weeks at 2 week intervals, alternated by 2 doses of Carcinosin 30C in the intervening period. Upon being checked in an allopathic hospital, nothing was found that remotely was related to cancer after this 6 week period. Ever since, urination has been somewhat of a problem at times, with retention.

At 5pm i passed urine which was having a white sediment in the initial stream and now the colour has gone back to pale. No burning this time.
Not necessarily fun, Debby, but no proving ever is.

6pm. Urine scanty, divided stream. Sensation some stays behind (tenesmus). Pain still on right side and continuous. Feels very much like the pain during the prostate cancer, but much less intense. No burning of urine, but sudden urge, demanding immediate attention and visit to bathroom. Urine still pale.

A few days ago stopped drinking tea, because i figured it was due to massive amounts of tea drinking that the urinary problems remained. (3.5 litres daily) As soon as I stopped, urination went easier and in greater quantities, which now have the effect as if i was still drinking tea.
Pain or right side has subsided since about 9pm. Urine still scanty - light coloured.
No sensation of retention now.

Today passed stools twice, first time like yesterday, second time normal consistency.

Mentally, feel like cursing and swearing. Sarcastic in a nasty way. Worse than yesterday, when it was just a slight irritability that subsided about 4 hours later.
Last night - between 1-2 am - pressure on the chest, making the sternum painful.

Passed another stool, solid and floating. Made that 3 times again, as opposed to once a day normally.

Slept on my belly for the last hour. Passed a large quantiity of pussy white substance with the first urine this morning, which floated as flakes on top. Urine pale and larger quantity.

Pain on the right side in the neck of the bladder has returned, but not as strong as before. This was after the first urine in the morning.
Thank you for posting separate discussion regarding this experiment. Lots of fun to follow!

So far we have only three provers -- If we could get a few more, then a proper double blind proving could be done, which would stand up any criticism. So please -- volunteers come forward.

I will wait for another day to give people a chance to come forth.

A double blind study would be conducted in the following way.
I will place the remedy and two LM-bottles numbered one and two on the kitchen table.
then I will leave and my wife will put the remedy into one bottle.
she then will write the number of the bottle on a piece of paper and leave it in a sealed envelope.

Half of the contestants will get no.1 other half no.2, without telling the contestants which number they get.

I would let the experiment run initially for 3 days. If single provers still experience new symptoms, then I would let it run for another 3 days.

Then I would tell who got which number and which number contained the remedy and which was placebo.

I will tell Kavi which remedy it was tomorrow earliest.

Looking forward to more responses.
Dear members
Still looking for volunteers --
Dear Members

There has been nobody else who would like to partake in this kind of proving. There have been doubts about the safety of this experiment, because there could be interference.
I raised the same issues in the main discussion.

For those reasons I will end this experiment here.

Kavi got a dose of ARNICA the other day. – some symptoms can be found in Arnica, others not.


Transmission of homeopathic drug energy does not work without a carrier substance.This carrier substance has to come in contact with the individuals live force, which then can read out the information. The transmission of remedy information is done via nerve endings. If you rub a remedy on someone’s hair ends, in a way, that the person cannot smell it, then nothing happens.

If we cut off hair and transport it away from the individual, the individuals live force is disconnected from it. The hair is dead. The hair is not connected to the individual by any energetic means.
Therefore the application of a remedy to a disconnected part will excite nothing.

The same applies to pictures. They are by nature disconnected from the individuals liveforce.


I started this experiment in the hope that more practitioners, particularly those who claim to have great results with this method come forth and see for themselves.

Anyway – other more worthwhile duties are calling.

Cheers, Hans
Dear Hans,
Thank you for conducting proving and this separate forum. Regarding action of Homoeopathic remedy from a distance using separated hair cut or uprooted, we are practicing it as mode of administration ever since Dr.B.Sahni discovered. Now in all our clinics only mode of administration is through the hair. We have found them too effective and now many doctors have joined using this mode as their way of practice of Homoeopathy. Dr.B.Sahni in his book "Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy From a Distance" has given many cured cases through drug transmission from a distance. Subsequently clinical trials was conducted by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, a Government of India organization and in that too remarks was made that it works.Our experience is that when a homoeopathic medicines is brought in contact with the patients hair it start working and medicine energy are send to the patient. Several types of chronic cases are cured.
Hair when separated from the person it retains the connectivity and has been experimented. I have mentioned about this connectivity in discussion.
Application of Homoeopathic medicines on the Photograph also work successfully. This is practiced by Dr.B.Bhattacharyya of Naihati, West Bengal in India. His son Dr.A.K.Bhattacharyya also practices it successfully. They have published few books on it "Cosmic rays therapy, Gems therapy and other. These books are based on the true and successful experimentation.
Dear members, dear dr. Sahani, dear dr. Guillermo

Dear dr. Sahini
The experiment never took place. So we cannot confirm any of yours.

Dear Dr. Guillermo
Scientific method to establish the knowledge neccessary for save aplication of homeoapthic remedies over distance via non-material carriers ws described in the other thread.
It is somewhat different from your scientific method.


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