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Exhausted after coitus with strong headache

Today I saw a patient who came to ask for more "homeopathic tablets," which I prescribed him a few weeks ago.

Complaint: Exhausted after coitus with strong headache.

I know something about the Schuessler salts but I don't remember where I found the hint to prescribe biochemical phosphates for his complaints. [from the company Hyland's]

He described a remarkable improvement. Total disappearance of the complaints.
I could not find this description as I reviewed the Schuessler salts booklets.

It is clear that the phosphates can work on all kinds of weakness, but honestly I did not expect this dramatic improvement

Has anyone else had the same positive experience with phosphates and these complaints especially the exhaustion after coitus?

thanks for an answer, if any.

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I have a book The 12 tissue remedies of Schussler, Boericke & Dewey. B.Jain Publisherts PVT. LTD.

I use those salts because they are on the physical level and work really quickly on acute cases.

Calc.fluor works fine with problems like over elastic ligaments

Calc.phos. is good with allergy and asthma

Ferr.phos with fever

Kali chlor. with swelling and also thick blood 

Kali phos. poisoning 

Kali sulf. chronic mucus problems

Mag. phos. problems wih restless legs

Natr.chlor. with eyes dry or wet

Natr.phos. dropsy

Natr.sulf. metabolism

Silicea like "surgery" helping everything out the body

Calc.sulf. vesicles and blisters

with kind regards Helena Classic homeopath, SHLI.hom, Finland

thanks for your reply/.
i just saw the combination biochemic phosphates [calc/kal//ferrum/ magn phsosph ] especially mentioned but i can't find it back.
anyhow it worked in a difficult to treat condition.

thanks a lot

Consider Selenium

Dr Rafeeque, yes your reply is the choice of SEL.which is apt.

In Homeopathic potencies, i mean.

thank you so much, i know it is advised but i have no experience with it in these special cases.
I will surely consider it if necessary

GENERALS - COITION - after - agg. etc...

Headache after coition-

AGAR. agn. alum. alumin-p. alumin-s. alumin. am-c. ambr. anac. anan. Apis arg-met. arg-n. arg-p. arn. asaf. bar-c. berb. borx. both-a. both-ax. Bov. Bufo Calad. calc-i. Calc-p. calc-s. calc-sil. calc. Canth. carb-an. Carb-v. caust. Cedr. chin. clem. Con. daph. dig. eug. ferr-sil. ferr. GRAPH. heroin. ind. kali-ar. KALI-C. kali-i. kali-met. KALI-P. Kali-sil. kreos. lac-c. led. lil-t. lyc. mag-m. mag-sil. mang-sil. merc. mez. mosch. Nat-c. Nat-m. Nat-p. nat-sil. Nit-ac. Nux-v. Petr. Ph-ac. Phos. plat. plb. puls. rhod. Sel. SEP. sil-met. SIL. spig. stann. Staph. sul-ac. sulph. tab. tarent. tax. ther. thuj. vanil.


Skill of the Homeopath lies in selecting one of the medicine as put up by Dr Rajneesh. Hence case taking is imperative to be close to the similimum.


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