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I had a patient 16 year old who came with periods every 15 days. She even had to have 4 blood transfusions, as she lost a lot of blood. Have given her, so far, Silica and Natrum muriaticum,  which has uplifted her spirit. The mother went through a divorce which brought about this excess bleeding in the girl. She is very stubborn and confident, has a left deformed knee which makes her fall. The mother has asked the reason why she is bleeding this way, as she is trained in NLP. What kind of explanation should we give her? 

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Thank you for sharing this.

I have two daughters of my own and I see many mothers in my practise who ask the same question.

For a NLP technique person there can be questioned not only "why" but

* how to get over situation? (- with conversation, being together..),
* what is the question (puberty, menstrual flow not moderated yet, leaving old family expectations behind, what possibilities are to cope with sorrow..) and
* what the daughter has in mind, what are the questions of the daughter?

One thing could be relation mother and daughter, separation most needed either mother or daughter - there can be no hard or bad feelings but at the back of their minds there can be this "fight".One thing for daughter leaving childhood to become a woman is usually with silent grief, ailments from and full of shame with no knowledge of that. etc..

kind regards Helena


from whatever things s you have given  by considering these rubrics from boger boenninghausen repertory

headstrong ,obstinate ,defiant

menses profuse too


remedies common are ferr, caust, merc

now the main thing about the question you asked, the fact remains that you have provided insufficient data in this particular case

but this is what i found online

"Chronically heavy periods can be related to chronic stress over second-chakra issues, including creativity, relationships, money, and control of others. Abnormal uterine bleeding is nearly always connected to family issues in some way. Such bleeding can also be a sign that you are leaking your life’s blood into a dead-end job or relationship that doesn’t fully meet your needs. Are you giving more than you are receiving in return? Is someone or something draining your energy by being a kind of energy vampire?"

p.s : kindly do a complete blood count (haemogram) which will give you an indication of her haemoglobin, also do her USG pelvis ie ultrasongography and finally a thyroid profile to rule out hypthyroidism.


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