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I have used this medicine and found to be very effective in Hay fever, Some Indications Of this meidicine are

Eucalyptus G : The gum-tree is a native of Australia and is transplanted to marshy districts in mild climates on account of its capability of absorbing water and its alleged power of destroying malarial poisons.

  • It has familiarized to everybody during the influenza epidemic as a prophylactic and disinfectant. 
  • The provings show that it causes most of the ordinary influenzal symptoms. 
  • It is therefore homoeopathic to the disorder. 
  • It produces coryza, headache of a dull, congestive character, sore-throat, indigestion, with excessive development of fetid gas, and fever. 
  • Slow digestion is the characteristic. 
  • The fever may be of the relapsing or intermittent type. 
  • It has also proven useful in convalescence from intermittents. 
  • It produces odorous sweat.
  • Exhilaration, desire to move about, feeling of increased buoyancy and strength. 
  • Intoxication followed by depression.  
  • Full feeling in head; congestive headache; in plethoric subjects, followed by fever. 
  • Headache in anaemic persons; relieves pain and causes sleep. 
  • Eyes hot, burning, smarting; catarrhal and gonorrhoeal ophthalmia. 
  • Lids heavy. 
  • Stiffness of nose; tightness across bridge as if profuse epistaxis would come on. 
  • Stuffed-up sensation. 
  • Coryza : thin, watery; chronic catarrh, purulent and fetid. 
  • Flushed, congested face with Relaxed aphthous condition. 
  • Excessive secretion of saliva. 
  • Slightly burning taste extending into throat and oesophagus with thirst. 
  • Burning in throat; feeling of fulness and soreness on swallowing. 
  • Constant sensation of phlegm in throat, with expectoration of slightly thick white frothy mucus, Excessive thirst accompanies almost the symptoms with burning in abdomen.


I Have used this medicine in 30 potency. Does any body else have some experience with this drug. Please do share

Eucalyptus Rainbow Tree

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Yes,it is.For influenza i use it quite often with success.


At the moment i am using in future i will try 30c.




you are welcome, I will also try 3x.


Dr. Vikas

Eucalyptus affects the mucous membranes, producing profuse catarrhal discharges, which are acrid and foul with aching, stiffness and weariness as from taking cold. A remedy with marked effects on catarrhal processes, malaria and intestinal disturbance. Fevers of a relapsing character. Atonic dyspepsia, gastric and intestinal catarrh. Eucalyptus produces remarkable bodily exhaustion, no desire for any motion, unable to do any real mental work, study, etc. Produces diuresis and increase of urea. Hemorrhages internally and locally, (Ham.) Typhoid. Exhausted with toxemia and hemorrhage. A gastro-intestinal irritant with pain in stomach and upper intestines several hours after eating. Malaria. Sticking jerking pains at night. Rheumatism. Influenza, it is said to be a preventive for influenza. Eucalyptus causes most of the ordinary influenza symptoms. It is therefore homeopathic to the disorder. It produces coryza, headache of a dull, congestive character, sore-throat. Indigestion with excessive development of fetid gas and fever. Slow digestion is the characteristic. The fever may be of the relapsing or intermittent type. It has also proved useful in convalescence from intermittents. It produces odorous sweat.

thanks for your inputs dr. saraswat.


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