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Creating Waves of Awareness

On several occasions, I have noticed that by experience we can feel the energy of each individual patient when they are on the way to our clinic. There are many situations wherein the same patient comes to us immediately when we think about him! Many times (not always!) I could even identify the patient on hearing the footsteps, also when he knocks the door or interact with the pharmacist. I do not say that I am blessed with an extrasensory perception, but Telepathy may be working to some extent. Of course, coincidence can also work!

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This is simply your very  positive attitude for your patient.  Our positive & creative attitude should be  the basis of our practice. This also happen with so many person, when they seriously think for someone and the person appear before them...This also happen with me occasionally.


Frankly,I am not in those lucky few whom God has blessed with this extra sensory perceptions.

I believe.Many times it happens.


Thank u all 4 ur valuable comments.

There is one common saying: "Some times when jack fruit falls, a rabbit will die, but not always". Similarly, our prediction will not work always. It also depends upon our mood. When the mood is pleasant with alertness, it works. When we are out of mood, everything goes wrong, including the remedy selection!

Here are few exercises to improve your sensory perception… I do these exercise in variation with my kids from time to time:


Sit on a park bench, shut your eyes and relax. Now listen to the louder sounds…the cars, the trucks, the honking, the screeching  tyres, the concentrate on the softer ones… kids running, the rustling of leaves, insects, sprinklers…till you reach the point when you can hear the rumbling in your stomach and the sound of your breath. (In a team activity ask them to list and those getting the most is the winner)


Look at any object/person/scenery…for half a minute and observe its shape, size, texture, blemishes and then ask the team to list them.

Paralanguage:  Say this sentence by stressing on the highlighted word and notice the impact it makes.


I am a great speaker

am a great speaker

I am a great speaker

I am a great speaker

I am a great speaker

The following form of meditation is a wonderful way to enhance your perception powers: Vipassana

Vipassana Page


Thank you so much for this interesting discussion. Most likely everyone has had some sort of ESP or intuitive experience in their life, such as, having the phone call just when they were thinking of a person, receiving a piece of mail, meeting someone out at the store or having someone mention the name of someone at the same time as you were thinking of this person. 


To "feel the energy" of a person may be a bit more difficult to explain or quantify. How exactly did you "feel" this energy?


Thank you Dr Valerian. The Vipassana information is quite interesting.

i once again confirm that it is 100% correct.



God is in work.

The vital force is not just within the body. It is a field, centered on the body. As martial arts practitioners know, it can be heightened, focused and projected. When your patient is coming to your clinic, thinking mightily of his illness and hope that you will help him, then the vital force (prana, chi, as you will) is heightened, focused and projected in just such a manner. If you are in tune with your own VF, it will be no surprise that you become aware of this projection.

The exercises of Qi Gong, or the practice of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Reiki, or any of the forms of yoga which emphasis the role of prana, will all serve to improve the ability to use the VF in this and many other ways. I find it useful in taking the case, for instance; besides the symptoms the patient relates, I get information directly from his/her VF to mine -- when I am receptive.

Thanks for the comments.


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