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 I am very interested in the research on any link Enneagram / homeopathic remedies.
 This topic intrigues me.
Therefore, I started several years ago with the study of the Enneagram. I converted the main features of the 9 Enneagram types  into homeopathic symptoms and putted them in Macrepertory . The result is not satisfactory.
 There is usually one remedy who comes up, but we  find also the most polychrests in each type!
I do not give up and will study now the "minerals" of Scholten  and "Structure" of Sankaran”, trying to find the holy grail
 Can anybody  help me  with some information?

 Thank you and best regards,


Enneagram TYPE 1 (Arsenic?)

Muche cares
 Tolerate no contradiction

 Enneagram TYPE 2 (Pulsatilla?)

 Des. company
 Sensitive to comments

 Enneagram TYPE 3 (Phosphor?)

 Concerned about his social positio
Selfconfidence, much
 Looking for appreciation

 Enneagram type 4 (Tuberculinum)

 Feels different than the average person
 Longing for something but does not know what
 Wants appreciation

 Enneagram type 5 (Natrum Muriaticum?)

 Alienated from the world
Av company, alone amel
 Little confidence
 Pleased in intellectual work
Disturbed, aversion

 Enneagram type 6 (Lycopodium?)

 Problems with authority
 No selfconfidence
Much cares

 Enneagram type 7 (Sulfur?)

 Looking for fun
 Not brave

 Enneagram type 8 (Nux vomica)

 Much self-confidence
 Work Lustig
 Tolerates no injustice

 Enneagram TYPE 9 (Calcaraea carbo nica?)

 Dislikes change
Unhappy when ignored
Not industrious

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Hello, I can fully confirm type 5 - Natrum Muriaticum. And I know a person type 8 who needs Aurum mettalicum as his constitutional remedy. Type 9- I guess that Magnesia would fit to this type very well.
Thank You, Katerina, the work is still under construction.
Magnesia is a good possibilty (Pacifist.
She tolerated no violence
Anger, can be difficult angry
Fear of loss) , also Aurum.Y will take note of that!


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