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Hi friends...
well .....I am not a perfect writer but I am trying to say and describe what I felt and what my mind said and what I keep in my memory. I hope this writing will try to get an approach in your thoughts and mind. What I am going to discuss will take a lot space and time to write. Therefore, I will present it in parts. Today's first part of my writing follows:


If there was no existence of PSORA in the human species, there would be no sign of disease. You can say that, due to the existence of PSORA, humans bear different kinds of diseases.

The founder of Homeopathy, HAHNEMANN, did his best to understand during the treatment of patients that the symptoms are going to decrease, but real disease is sustained at his root. During his practice he came to realize that there is something which interferes with the curative process and medicinal action. He referred to this as PSORA.

It can be in world the diseases are different and having different shapes and kinds, but the existence of diseases are the same and occur in the same ways. All Mankind is born alike, but their deaths don't happen the same way. Likewise diseases are formed, but their growth and end are not ever identical.

We can identify diseases by different names, but there is one source: the source is PSORA. The subject of PSORA is very extensive and complicated. If we only understand PSORA in terms of a skin disease, we will miss the broader description. Skin disease is, in fact, a form of PSORA, and it can grow for various reasons. If it gets cured, it means one is free from PSORA. But we observe that PSORA is present in every human in different shapes, and it affects our vitality. It acts quite surreptitiously in the human body, and gives rise to other chronic diseases such as EPILEPSY, MENTAL ILLNESSES, TUMORS, CATARRH, TETANUS, etc. If we treat physical illnesses with antibiotics we risk producing side-effects.

We can observe in the population how often people die in their youth--how so many children lose their lives while still in the "laps of their moms". WHY IS THIS? It is because of PSORA.

Let's notice how, in the universe of GOD, plants grow in time, and in the presence of crosswinds they remain verdant. Animals also survive and they live to their full natural lives ... but what about mankind? Is it not a point of sorrow? GOD did not do this--because he is the source of piety and blessings. Then who--or what--is responsible? It will be described afterwards, but I request that every doctor sincerely, in the name of Humanity and GOD, think about his duties, and analyze that how they got the responsibilities by the nature to destroy the human lives. If doctors do not care for Humanity and don't try to rid their patients of PSORA, then they will be responsible for irreparable sin.

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