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Emotional health is about how we think and feel. A poor state of mind might lead to feelings of despair and distress, and this can really affect our ability to cope with life.

This section provides information on various different states of emotional wellbeing, and provides information on natural remedies and other ways to help to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Face your fears
Mild anxiety
Controlling your fears
Managing shyness
Daily stresses

Live the day
Dealing with exhaustion
Low mood
Learning from past mistakes
Living in the past
Managing obsessive thoughts

Reach out to others

Know your own mind
Despondency & despair
Handling Monday morning fears & putting things off
Lacking direction

Find joy and hope
Apathy & negativity
Guilt complex
Managing resentment & self-pity
Lack of self confidence
Self image & self esteem
Dealing with shock

Live and let live
Being overbearing & possessive in relationships
Being overly critical & intolerant of others
Self-denial & pushing yourself too hard

Stand your ground
Handling change
Hiding problems
Saying no

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Respected Sir,

Very nice presentation. May contain corresponding remedies too?

Thanks Dr Sharma, Please add corresponding remedies, Your Repertory part is very strong-
Thanks for giving me a chance...


The attached chart I created can be very handy to elicit the patients emotional intensity. The one's most intense can then be further probed. This chart should be introduced once you have managed to break the ice with your patient...he has to connect and understand why you are delving deeper.

Do let me know of its usefulness in your practice.

Thanks a lot for attechment Dr Mendonca.
Here is an experience of my own Mental stresses.
During construction of my house ( that time i was very emotional with the plan) & i was not well -physically & mentally both. That time i was working with Dr.B.N. Paul & he advised me to take one dose of Staphysagria 200 & it worked....( Hypochondrical, sensetive as to what other say about...)

In the same way when I was afraid of appearing before Dr. Paul, Dr. Saraswat, Dr. Poonam Batra and, of course, you and I took a dose of Gel 200, then I became SHER (Lion).

Dear Dr Ravindra. This is a nice outline to stimulate discussion. Probably could talk about each of these emotions and problems for a year or more. 


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