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Just heard the news and it isn't pretty. Conservatively 100,000 people perished in the 7.0 earthquake of last week. They have gone home to their rest and are not of concern at this time. Today- tens of thousands are succumbing to Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria, dengue fever, and sepsis from lacerations and crush wounds. Indeed the allopathic community has been mobilized- for better or worse. WHAT ARE WE DOING?
i went to the Homeopaths Without Borders webpage and find NOTHING. Are there any homeopaths on the ground in Haiti? If so- who are they, and how can we help them?
This is yet another human tragedy- as a World Community are we not morally bound to help our fellow man?

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I have emailed Martien Brands and Joe Lillard of Homeopathy Without Borders

When I get a response, then I will let you know what we, HWC, as a community can do.
I think that due to our limited resources we should only go to places where there is some type of homeopathic infrastructure already present...and as far as I know, there are not any homeopaths in Haiti...or possibly less than a handful.

If I'm wrong, please educate me...


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