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Why is calcarea carb listed as Bold remedy in Generalities for the emaciation rubric?

Ok, as our pioneers said, lean persons also will be calcarea carb, but it is rare.

My first thought that calc is a chubby, obese, and easily puts on weight etc.

Today, while I opened the emaciation rubric I observed this thing.

I checked both Essential Synthesis and Kent repertory. But both of these books have the same thing.

I am in confusion why it was written in Bold as it is not a common occurrence for that drug?

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The essensce of calcaria carb is "Surrender".  hense it looks like bold.

I have seen lots of thin Calc carbs, so I do not believe it is rare. I am not sure why it is considered rare, but I wonder how many poor thin Calc carbs have gone without the correct remedy based on that stereotype of a plump patient. George Vithoulkas has said he has seen plenty of lean Calc-carb patients.

I have also seen a variety of other supposed 'non-standard' patients - messy Arsenicums, tidy Sulphurs, responsible Lycopodiums, hot Calc carbs, silent Lachesis etc. Every remedy picture can also contain its exact opposite, since I believe the symptom exists on a scale not at a single point, so a patient can slide along that scale and be found at either end when disease manifests.

Yes, u are absolutely right David Kempsond, i have also seen many Thin figured calcaria carb.

Actually, Desire of hard boiled Egg, Wet extremeties, Surrendering tendency, are the top points of this drug picture.

I have also seen Calc carbs who hate eggs, have dry skin, and are stubborn and bossy.

Aversion from calc carb is surprising,

in wich repertory has this symptom??? ???

Aversion from Eggs,

which repertory has this symptom?


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