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Has anyone heard of this?
email sent to me....

While black elderberry has been used successfully for some flu strains, it may be contraindicated for H1N1 (swine)since this virus may be similar to the 1918 virus that is suspected of killing its victims by causing a cytokine storm in the vigorous immune systems of healthy young adults. Black elderberry works against the flu virus in part by increasing cytokines in the body, so it actually could do more harm than good. It is not yet known if this virus has that mechanism, but it seems prudent not to list it as a remedy (especially when most people know nothing about these things) when so much is unknown. :)
Two of the herbs you mentioned -- echinacea and elderberry -- are listed by the CDC as being herbs to avoid for this particular strain of flu. They also listed Chlorella, which I thought would be an excellent source of defense.

It's not that I disagree with you. The fact is, I think something is a bit screwy with the CDC et al, so I'm loath to go by what they say to take or avoid. I believe all of the above herbs work quite well for the flu, since I've taken them myself and they worked fine.

If you'd like to look at the website from where I obtained this info, check out John Jay Harper's blog at He lists the URLs for 3 different sources. I tried to locate the specific page where John obtained the info, but was unable to do so.

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