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Does a remedy affect persons around somebody who has taken some remedy? Is it possible that persons around start to feel the symptoms or is it just immagination? For example if a child takes some remedy can this have an effect on mother?

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Hi Tihana
Good question-
If there is a mental/emotional suppression that needs to come out in lets say a child that has indicated anger issues (case was done and staph was indicated)
Then of course the entire family is affected. The dose of staphysagria should make itself know within the vital force of this child-expelling his suppressed anger.
Who ever is close to him/her should notice the effects by the changes in the child's persona. you mentioned Staph. - it has sometimes been called "the mother-in-law" remedy ;)
Meaning - if you take it your "controling" mother-in-law will change her attitude - or ;) maybe it is your attitude/perception that changes :O
Hi Tihana,
interesting topic to discuss....
Yes!!! When a person takes a remedy his/her mentality, emotions and physical condition changes from what it was and this change has naturally some influence over the equal planes of the individuals living with the patient. This u can easily find where more then one member of a family is ur patient. Also a dominant person influences his/her naturality to other members of the family esp the weaker ones start acting like the dominant in course of time. U can also see such incidences normally even without remedial prescription to any- the influence of one on other in the same family or those closely living by. I have patients from a family where 4 of them are of the same remedy and are doing well. u can also see that sometimes in a family the remedies that comes up for the individual is a closely related one to the other's remedy.


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